zaterdag 30 november 2013

December Daily: album preview

Just like last year  I am documenting December by doing a December Daily.
December Daily  is a project developed by Ali Edwards.
It is al about documenting the 25 days leading up to Christmas.
I personally document the whole of december, so that includes the days after christmas.

I try to have the basic album ready before december 1st.
I was insanely busy the last few weeks so I just kept putting it off. And now, with december 1st looming I really had to get going.
I picked up supplies everywhere. From small cheap dump-stores to ordering it online from a scrap-book store. I also had some bits and pieces left over from last years album.Which you can see HERE.

As you can see , last year I went all out and used lots of patterned papers. I found however that the patterns sometimes clashed with the pictures. And all that pattern didn't leave much room for using embellishments and other stuff.

So this year I decided to start with a much simpler ablum. I used 160 gramm white paper, made a simple front and back cover and used some binderrings to keep it all together.
I've stocked up on lots of embellishments, stamps, several block of patterned paper and a pack of SNAP-cards. This way I match the paper and decoration I want to use to the pictures.

* front cover

* several different stamps, 
a big pad of black ink and a set of christmas-Hero Art inks

* bits and pieces left over from last year

* SNAP cards; christmast edition

*sparkles, stickers, tags, brads, ribbon and glitters

* 4 different blocks of patterned papers

* This used to be a 12x12 sheet from This &That Christmas

I keep everything nicely organised in a small basket I keep within reach. This way I can grab it and work on it when I have the time. And not need to search for my supplies everythime.

Now, all I need to do is charge my camera battery and i'm ready.
Bring on December!!!!!

Are you ready to document your December?

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