vrijdag 15 november 2013

50 questions part II

I'm back with the second part of the 50 questions interview..
You can find the first 25 questions here..
26. What’s something that amazes you?
When I look into the night sky and see all the stars..

27. Do you prefer that people shoot straight with you or temper their words? Why?
it depends on the message they’re trying to convey. When I am an unstable mess I prefer to be treated with some care. But the message needs to be clear.
28. Where’s your favourite place to take an out-of-town guest?
Bagles & Beans; a cute little coffee-place. Or The Beiaard; a very cozy beer-café.
29. What’s one thing you’d rather pay someone to do than do yourself? Why?
If I had enough money I would pay someone to clean my house. I find it’s such a never-ending drama. One moment the house is clean, your laundry-basket is empty and there are no more dishes to do. And then..*poof*… there are dishes in the sink, laundry in the basket and dog-hair everywhere.
30. Do you have a catchphrase?
31. What’s your reaction towards people who are outspoken about their beliefs? What conditions cause you to dislike or, conversely, enjoy talking with them?
I think it’s good for people to be sure of their opinion and who are able to voice it. However, I don’t like people who are trying to convert me (or others) aggressively to their beliefs. Without consideration for the beliefs people already have..
32. How and where do you prefer to study?
My study-days are long (ahum) behind me. But I prefer a clean and tidy desk. With some calm music, a snack or two and no interruptions.
33. What position do you sleep in?
Mostly on my left side.. I think..
34. What’s your all-time favourite town or city? Why?
to live in? I would say Haarlem. I lived there during my study and loved it. It had a nice selection of shops, it had a nice warm and friendly atmosphere, cute little bars and restaurants and was close to the beach (only 15 minutes by train) It’s also the place where I was on my own for the first time.
35. What are the top three qualities that draw you to someone new?
1. A friendly face
2. Something interesting to say
3. They need to have some wordly knowledge. Knowledge of how the world works..
36. How has your birth order/characteristics of siblings affected you?
I am the eldest and the only girl. It mostly meant that I wasn’t allowed to do thing my brothers where allowed to do later.. Other than that I can’t really think of anything…
37. If you could eliminate one weakness or limitation in your life, what would it be?
take the Fybromyalgia please…
38. If you could restore one broken relationship, which would it be?
With some of my highschool friends.
39. If you had to change your first name, what would you change it to?
Kitty =)
40. Do you believe ignorance is bliss? Why or why not?
No for sure! There is strength in knowledge. If you know about a problem you can do something about it. But with things like personal relationships. It can be better to not know what
a colleague really thinks about you..
41. What do you consider unforgivable?
Lying and willing stupidity
42. Have you forgiven yourself for past personal failures? Why or why not?
No. I’ve learned to live with them but will sometimes come back to them and  think “why did I do that?!”
43. How difficult is it for you to forgive someone who refuses to apologize?
It depends on whether someone realises they were wrong and just can’t apologise or they really believe they weren’t wrong.
44.Do you hold any convictions that you would be willing to die for?
No, I am always willing to listen and consider another point of view.
45. To what extent do you trust people? Explain.
As someone who has been hurt several times by trusting the wrong people I have a hard time trusting just anyone.
46. In what area of your life are you immature?
Finance-wise. I have a very hard time staying on budget..
47. What was the best news you ever received?
That the house we currently live in was ours!
48. How difficult is it for you to be honest, even when your words may be hurtful or unpopular?
Even if my words are unpopular I have no problem to be honest. If I know they’re hurtful I will try to be kind while being honest.
49. When did you immediately click with someone you just met? Why? What was the long term result? Conversely, are you close with anyone now that you really disliked at first?
* what a hard question*
If I don’t like someone at first I will probably never like them. Which by default means that all the people I have a relationship with (excluding family) I instantly liked…

50. When do you find yourself singing?
Everywhere and always. In the shower, on my bike, at work, when I’m in the car.. Sometimes just a little humming.. Sometimes loudly singing along with the radio..

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