vrijdag 1 november 2013

November is for...

.... wrapping up my "week in the life" by finishing the album.
     because it need to get done  before 2014 and december will be crazy busy with the december 
     daily thing.

.... starting "december daily" preperations by ordering supplies and making the basic album.
     Making the album ahead of time measn the only thing I have to do "daily" is take pictures, take         notes and decorate the pages..

... finally getting my hair cut.
    It's long overdue...

... going on a shopping-trip with a friend in Amsterdam

... taking my mom to our local craftstore for her birthday
    and get our hair done, drink coffee.... 

... having a games-night wih friends
    Munchkin, Magic, Monopoly, Career, Uno, Mah-Jongh and what-ever else we have..

... go to a ladies bingo-night with my mother-in-law

And what are your plans for november??


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