maandag 30 december 2013

Currently 30.12.2013

Taking a moment to record the right now.
I'm using the Currently-cards made by rukristin.

This is the last card for 2013. I love these little cards so I will keep going in 2014. But instead of the monday I will fill them out on friday.

What are you doing right now?

woensdag 18 december 2013

Dear Santa,

My unltimate christmas whislist:

* A crop-a-dile Big Bite; so I can finally punch some decent holes and not have to fiddle with an office punch...

* a Project Life core Kit; The kraft edition to be precise.

* and while we're on a roll with project lfie: a binder, inserts and lots of photo-print credits..

* a photoprinter. One that produces a decent quality photo's, isn't difficult to use, that isn't huge, one that let's me print pictures directly from my phone... Who can reccomend me one?

*"Modern Calligraphy" by Molly Suber Thorpe. Becuase her lettering is awesome!

*yarn, in all kind of different beautifull colors...

* some cute hammocks and cage liners from Chelsey's Cozies 

* a pair of pretty dotted blue wrist worms made by the talented Sandra Juto

And what's on your ultimate whishlist?

maandag 16 december 2013

Currently 16.12.2013

Every Monday I'm taking 5 minutes to record the right-now.

I am not having a very good morning..can you tell? ;-)

vrijdag 13 december 2013

December Daily: update

It is only december 13th and I am already way behind on my pages.
I have been keeping up with writing a story about each day (in the cute little notebook I made during the Holiday Extravaganza). But I've been busy with Life so making the actual pages just hasn't happend yet.

Today I'll share the pages I've finished.

first up I decorated the inside cover with a calendar.

Day one: a lazy breakfast at Turf 
followed by our monthly beachwalk with a group of dogs.

Day 2: A peak in my On-going projects basket;
 My first "big" crochet project: Wristwarmers
(which I've currently finished by the way)

Day 3: some lovely red bushes I saw while walking Abby
And my monthly birthday-card writing.

Day 4: When I get home, dinner is on the table

 Day 5: "Sinterklaas"
A vintage postcard I found in a small shop

Day 6: A drawing of my favorite mug.
(I am so proud of that drawing!!)
My dad bought it for me at the Disney Shop in London. 
And the wrapper of my current favorite tea.

And how are you doing with your December Daily album?
Leave a link in the comments and I'll hop over to your blog and have a look...

maandag 9 december 2013

Currently 09.12.2013

Each Monday I take a moment to record the right now.

The currently project and card where developed by kristin from rukristin

What are you doing right now?

vrijdag 6 december 2013

Doodle-a-day November Favorites

The doodle-a-day project is an idea from @ellolovey on Instagram.
A list of doodle topics for everyday of the month.
You can find my current doodles on Instagram @janineve1.
Each month I'm sharing my favorites from last month here on the blog.

The full list of challenges

I used to draw these type of castles everywhere.
I have a book on how to draw castles, draons, knights and princesses..

Walking the dogs is a daily thing

I love how this turned out

a staple in every household with a dog..

My kind of feast; a fully stocked sracpbookstore

I'm working of the doodles for december at the moment. Check them out on my instagram of come look at my favorites next month.

woensdag 4 december 2013

december is for...

* december daily!!

* "sinterklaas"

* setting up the Christmas tree

* sending Christmas-cards

* lots of planning and shopping for our christmas-dinner

* christmas-dinner with the family on the 25th of December

* visiting a christmas-market in Haarlem

* drinking lots of glühwein

* baking "Oliebollen" on december 31st..

* cocheting ( within my limits..)

* cosy evenings in front of the television snuggled up under a blanket with Abby 

* my brothers birthday

* my father-in-laws birthday

* setting off fireworks on new years eve

busy busy busy..

What are your plans for December?

maandag 2 december 2013

Holiday Extravaganza

This past weekend I took part in The Holiday Extravaganza over on

Now you have to know that the whole christmas-thing doesn't start really start here in Holland until "Sinterklaas" leaves on the 6th of December. So we are not exactly in christmas-mode yet.
But this was just too much fun to miss!

There where guest-posts, DIY's, games and a total of 10 challenges.
Because of the time difference I missed the live blog Party chat. But thankfully they recorded it.
I stil need to watch it though XD

I went on a major craft-binge and had a go at ALL of the 10 challenges. And I proud to announce that I finished every one of them! Which is a big thing for someone who isn't very good at finishing things.

 I'll show you what I made:

 Challenge no.1 : Holiday Storytelling.

 The challenge was to create a project that tells of one of your holiday stories.
I picked our tradition to buy a tree. We always do this right after "Sinterklaas". I made these pictures last year for my december daily. I love how they tell a little story together.

Challenge no.2 : Holiday Cards

The challenge was to create a hand-made card to give to a friend.
Now I write a lot of christmas-cards. But never tried to make any of my own. So I wasn't really shure where to begin. I folded a regular white correspondece-card in half. then used my calligraphy-skills and wrote on it.
it still felt a bit bar after that. So I stamped some gold stars on it and glued some gold star-sequins on.
I really like how it turned out. Maybe next year I will make my own christmas-cards...

Challenge no.3 : Document the right now.

The challenge was to document the right now.
I still had a big currentl-card lying around. So I filled it out and glued it on some christmas-paper.

Challenge no4. A few of my favorite things..

The challenge was to make a project based on a given mood-board. It included hot pink and gold stationary , hand lettering and gold stars.. I knew instantly I wantend to make these hot pink note cards with some gold stars on the bottom. After a lengthy search of my stash I couldn't find any paper in the right kind of pink. 
The shops had already closed. And wouldn't be open on sunday... Thankfully a phone-call by my mother-in-law reveald that the shops would be open!! Yay! So after our monthly walk on the beach with some dogs I had to do some shopping. I found the perfect pink cards.
I made the "notes"-stamp myself and stamped the gold stars on. ( I am very much in love with the cheap HEMA star-stamp and Hero Arts gold ink)

 Challenge no.5 : Prepairing a holiday album

That was an easy challenge. I already started on putting together my December Daily album. And because I did some work on it fridaynight I got to use it for this challenge =)
More on my december daily album HERE

Challenge no. 6. Color challenge

The challenge was to use a certain colorscheme in a project. It didn't scream "holiday" to me but I knew this picture of Abby would be perfect. I used some of my christmas paper and added some stickers ("cut & paste" I believe)  I bought at the scrapbook-fair this summer.
Next up is to find a frame for it..

Challenge no.7 Get messy.

The challenge was to get messy and use paints, sprays, mists or any messy products on the next project.
So I pulled out my acryllic paints and painted a christmas tree on a small postcard-size canvas. I stuck some sparkles and a gold star in the wet paint.
As usual when I use paints I was coverd in it.. messy indeed..

Challenge no. 8 Minimalist style.

The challenge was to embrace minimalism and create a project that speaks volumes without shoving it in your face.
I had a really hard time with this one..
I combined this challenge with a project I had already in the planning. For my intuïtive developement course I need to make/buy a smal present for the last day. I knew instantly I wanted to make a stamp. But all the designs I could think of where to difficult. And then.. this one came to mind. Simple yet meaningfull.

Challenge no.9 DIY gift-wrap and Tags

The challenge was to create your own gift wrapping, tags of other gifwrapping embellishments.
This matched up very well with my stamp for my course. I found small kraft box in my stash just big enough for the stamp and a small inkpad. I stamped it with gold stars (there is that HEMA stamp and Hero ink again).
I cut a little tag with the stamps desing on it and wrapped it all up with a white and yellow ribbon.

Challenge no 10. Holiday Extravaganza Inspiration.

The challenge was to use one of the holiday extravaganza projects as inspiration.
One of the gustposts was a DIY to upcycle a moleksine. I am a big fan of notebooks and decided this was it. I have a "small" stash of empty notebooks inculding some faux-moleskines. I love the kraft covers. They are easily decorated for specific occasions.
I took some papers from my december daily stash and stuck them on. Trimmed the edges and added a label on the front. When the glue is totally dry I will add a layer of clear adhiesive plastic.
I'll use the little cutie to help me record my december stories for my december daily album.

And with that cute little notebook I finished all the holiday extravaganza challenges! 

I really enjoyed all the challenges and getting to do so much crafting.
Did you take part in the holiday extravaganza? 

zaterdag 30 november 2013

December Daily: album preview

Just like last year  I am documenting December by doing a December Daily.
December Daily  is a project developed by Ali Edwards.
It is al about documenting the 25 days leading up to Christmas.
I personally document the whole of december, so that includes the days after christmas.

I try to have the basic album ready before december 1st.
I was insanely busy the last few weeks so I just kept putting it off. And now, with december 1st looming I really had to get going.
I picked up supplies everywhere. From small cheap dump-stores to ordering it online from a scrap-book store. I also had some bits and pieces left over from last years album.Which you can see HERE.

As you can see , last year I went all out and used lots of patterned papers. I found however that the patterns sometimes clashed with the pictures. And all that pattern didn't leave much room for using embellishments and other stuff.

So this year I decided to start with a much simpler ablum. I used 160 gramm white paper, made a simple front and back cover and used some binderrings to keep it all together.
I've stocked up on lots of embellishments, stamps, several block of patterned paper and a pack of SNAP-cards. This way I match the paper and decoration I want to use to the pictures.

* front cover

* several different stamps, 
a big pad of black ink and a set of christmas-Hero Art inks

* bits and pieces left over from last year

* SNAP cards; christmast edition

*sparkles, stickers, tags, brads, ribbon and glitters

* 4 different blocks of patterned papers

* This used to be a 12x12 sheet from This &That Christmas

I keep everything nicely organised in a small basket I keep within reach. This way I can grab it and work on it when I have the time. And not need to search for my supplies everythime.

Now, all I need to do is charge my camera battery and i'm ready.
Bring on December!!!!!

Are you ready to document your December?

woensdag 27 november 2013

Week in the life; the album

In September I participated in week in the life
(You can read about it here)
After taking lots of pictures and blogging about it next step was to make an album of it.
I really wanted to do the album in project life-style.
But I didn't have enough inserts, no album to put the inserts in and no photoshop skills to resize the pictures.
So I had the pictures printend out and they sat on my desk for weeks.

For those of you who have been reading along here for longer know I have a very difficult time with finishing projects. But all of those unfinished projects have  tendency to weigh heavy on my mind.
And with the december daily challenge looming I really wantend to have this project finished before december1st.

So I gatherd some supplies (from my very sad little stash) and sat down to get it done.

Supplies I used:
* some bycicle-paper from a paperblock bought at a cheap store
* yellow ribbon
*  Thickers "Emerald"
* Cut & Paste stickers from Jen Allyson Charm "bliss"and "care free"
* alphabet stamps from HEMA

I originally wanted to bind the whole album together with binderrings. But they are soooo hard to find. You can only order them online. But since all the online scrapbook stores charge huge prices for shipping below a certain amount. Binderrings cost almost nothing, so you need to order a ridiculous amount of them.
So Nico suggested to use ribbon.
It's not ideal but with my next scrapbook-order I will order some binderrings.

I've kept the day-pages simple. I just stamped the day on them and used a sticker to decorate it a bit.
The pictures are a mix of 10x15 cm and 10x10 cm.
I just punched holes in them and made a stack of them.

So with the week in the life thing all sorted out wan wrapped up I'm ready for the december daily challenge!

dinsdag 26 november 2013

Goodbye Keyser

Monday usually is currently-challenge day . But current events meant that I wasn't in the mood to fill in a card...

Yesterday we had to say goodbye to our big white doggie-friend Keyser. 

for more pictures of Keyser you can go HERE!

We adopted Keyser 3 years ago from a shelter in Zaandam. We already had a dog , Bachera (who passed away last year) and we where looking for a doggie-friend for her. The shelter told us Bachera was a Dogo Argetino ( she probably was a dogo x bull terriër mix) and since we really like the breed we decided to get a male too.
After some searching online we found Keyser in a shelter nearby. So we took Bachera and went to meet Keyser. When we arrived at the shelter they had Keyser in an outdoor run. The first thing that struck us was his size. He was huge!! 50 kilo's and as big as a small horse. The second thing was how dignified he looked. Like he was the king of the world. His name befitted him, Keyser is dutch for "emperor".

Bachera and Keyser took a long time to get used to each other but they could have so much fun together.

As huge as he was, inside that big dog was a tiny little lap dog. Keyser was a big cuddle-bug ,  loved sitting in your lap and lying in bed with us on sunday mornings. He also love to run on the beach or the woods. He was a friendly giant towards people and  was very gentle with kids.
If you asked him a question he would always resopnd with a collection of sounds that you can only describe as a mix between the sounds a seal and a cow makes.

When we adopted Keyser he was already 8 years old. But he was stille young at heart and didn't really showed his age.When Bachera passed away ( very unexpectedly) last year he needed a new friend so we adopted Abby. He instantly got along with Abby, eventhough she was so very young (she is only 2 years old). We hestitated a bit if we should adopt her because we weren't shure he could keep up with her. But he could play with her forever. They would bounce around in the garden, run together on the beach.. even sleep together on the couch.
Keyser loved the garden. He could spend hours in the summer just laying in the grass. And even in winter would always demand to be let in the garden. Just for a small inspection-round of "his"garden.
 He was madly in love with Nico. He would recognise the sound of our car and would alwasy run towards the door making his signature howling sounds.

But over the summer Keyser started having some issues with walking. And over the past 2 months he steadily became worse. He began showing his age. He was on strong painkillers for a while but last week his kindeys started failing too.. When he began losing control of his bladder we knew it was time to let him go.
Having to take him to the vet yesterday was the hardest thing I ever had to do.
He passed away very peacefully.
He was 11,5 years old.

Today the house is empty without him.
No big doggie-face to greet you when you come into the room.. No more typical Keyser-howling...
He was very loved and will ben very much missed..

vrijdag 22 november 2013


Today I want to share some of my favorite blogs with you.

*The Nerd Nest
if I ever become a parent I want to be just as awesome as Megan and Jake. I love how they still are themselves and be parents.
I love reading about their day-to-day life.

* RuKristin
I love all of her memory-keeping projects. I followed her "Find your voice" workshop this summer (still have to finish it though) And she is the creator of the awesome little Currently Cards.

* Elise Blaha
I love the design of her blog. Clean and simple; easy to read.
My favortie posts are those about her decorating the house and the keeping of plants.

* Lou Niestadt
I recently read her first book. Well actually it's more of an art journal. I don't know if it's available in english yet.. She inspired me to start drawing again..

* Geninne's art blog
She lives in the most fabulous houses built by her very talented husband. Her sense of interior design is awesome. And her drawings are magical. Plus; she takes beautifull pictures of it all.

These are some of my daily/weekly must-reads.
What blogs do you read?

woensdag 20 november 2013

What's in my bag?

My favorite group on Flickr is the What's in my bag? group. I love seeing what other people consider essential to carry with them. I find that the content of somebody's bag gives a very good insight into someones personality.
This is a picture of what's in my bag right now..

* my planner
* a notebook
* elizabeth arden 8 hour lipbalm
* Body shop handsanitizer
* an assortment of different pens
* some usem notecards
* an umbrella
* a pouch with lipglosses, painkillers, a nailfile and other girly-things
* a coinpouch
* handcream
* usb cord
* an old mint tin stuffed with headphones
* my passport in a cute cover
* nailclippers and a mirror in a small red with polkadots pouch
* a tissue pouch
* a shopping bag
* my spare bike key with a budda keychain
* a stray lipgloss
* the black Björn Borg bag was a christmas gift from my boyfriend 2 years ago

What do you carry in your bag?