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Holiday Extravaganza

This past weekend I took part in The Holiday Extravaganza over on

Now you have to know that the whole christmas-thing doesn't start really start here in Holland until "Sinterklaas" leaves on the 6th of December. So we are not exactly in christmas-mode yet.
But this was just too much fun to miss!

There where guest-posts, DIY's, games and a total of 10 challenges.
Because of the time difference I missed the live blog Party chat. But thankfully they recorded it.
I stil need to watch it though XD

I went on a major craft-binge and had a go at ALL of the 10 challenges. And I proud to announce that I finished every one of them! Which is a big thing for someone who isn't very good at finishing things.

 I'll show you what I made:

 Challenge no.1 : Holiday Storytelling.

 The challenge was to create a project that tells of one of your holiday stories.
I picked our tradition to buy a tree. We always do this right after "Sinterklaas". I made these pictures last year for my december daily. I love how they tell a little story together.

Challenge no.2 : Holiday Cards

The challenge was to create a hand-made card to give to a friend.
Now I write a lot of christmas-cards. But never tried to make any of my own. So I wasn't really shure where to begin. I folded a regular white correspondece-card in half. then used my calligraphy-skills and wrote on it.
it still felt a bit bar after that. So I stamped some gold stars on it and glued some gold star-sequins on.
I really like how it turned out. Maybe next year I will make my own christmas-cards...

Challenge no.3 : Document the right now.

The challenge was to document the right now.
I still had a big currentl-card lying around. So I filled it out and glued it on some christmas-paper.

Challenge no4. A few of my favorite things..

The challenge was to make a project based on a given mood-board. It included hot pink and gold stationary , hand lettering and gold stars.. I knew instantly I wantend to make these hot pink note cards with some gold stars on the bottom. After a lengthy search of my stash I couldn't find any paper in the right kind of pink. 
The shops had already closed. And wouldn't be open on sunday... Thankfully a phone-call by my mother-in-law reveald that the shops would be open!! Yay! So after our monthly walk on the beach with some dogs I had to do some shopping. I found the perfect pink cards.
I made the "notes"-stamp myself and stamped the gold stars on. ( I am very much in love with the cheap HEMA star-stamp and Hero Arts gold ink)

 Challenge no.5 : Prepairing a holiday album

That was an easy challenge. I already started on putting together my December Daily album. And because I did some work on it fridaynight I got to use it for this challenge =)
More on my december daily album HERE

Challenge no. 6. Color challenge

The challenge was to use a certain colorscheme in a project. It didn't scream "holiday" to me but I knew this picture of Abby would be perfect. I used some of my christmas paper and added some stickers ("cut & paste" I believe)  I bought at the scrapbook-fair this summer.
Next up is to find a frame for it..

Challenge no.7 Get messy.

The challenge was to get messy and use paints, sprays, mists or any messy products on the next project.
So I pulled out my acryllic paints and painted a christmas tree on a small postcard-size canvas. I stuck some sparkles and a gold star in the wet paint.
As usual when I use paints I was coverd in it.. messy indeed..

Challenge no. 8 Minimalist style.

The challenge was to embrace minimalism and create a project that speaks volumes without shoving it in your face.
I had a really hard time with this one..
I combined this challenge with a project I had already in the planning. For my intuïtive developement course I need to make/buy a smal present for the last day. I knew instantly I wanted to make a stamp. But all the designs I could think of where to difficult. And then.. this one came to mind. Simple yet meaningfull.

Challenge no.9 DIY gift-wrap and Tags

The challenge was to create your own gift wrapping, tags of other gifwrapping embellishments.
This matched up very well with my stamp for my course. I found small kraft box in my stash just big enough for the stamp and a small inkpad. I stamped it with gold stars (there is that HEMA stamp and Hero ink again).
I cut a little tag with the stamps desing on it and wrapped it all up with a white and yellow ribbon.

Challenge no 10. Holiday Extravaganza Inspiration.

The challenge was to use one of the holiday extravaganza projects as inspiration.
One of the gustposts was a DIY to upcycle a moleksine. I am a big fan of notebooks and decided this was it. I have a "small" stash of empty notebooks inculding some faux-moleskines. I love the kraft covers. They are easily decorated for specific occasions.
I took some papers from my december daily stash and stuck them on. Trimmed the edges and added a label on the front. When the glue is totally dry I will add a layer of clear adhiesive plastic.
I'll use the little cutie to help me record my december stories for my december daily album.

And with that cute little notebook I finished all the holiday extravaganza challenges! 

I really enjoyed all the challenges and getting to do so much crafting.
Did you take part in the holiday extravaganza? 

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