vrijdag 6 december 2013

Doodle-a-day November Favorites

The doodle-a-day project is an idea from @ellolovey on Instagram.
A list of doodle topics for everyday of the month.
You can find my current doodles on Instagram @janineve1.
Each month I'm sharing my favorites from last month here on the blog.

The full list of challenges

I used to draw these type of castles everywhere.
I have a book on how to draw castles, draons, knights and princesses..

Walking the dogs is a daily thing

I love how this turned out

a staple in every household with a dog..

My kind of feast; a fully stocked sracpbookstore

I'm working of the doodles for december at the moment. Check them out on my instagram of come look at my favorites next month.

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