vrijdag 11 juli 2014

giveaway winner!!

It it time to announce the winner of y special 30th birthday giveaway...

Drumroll please......


Thank you all for your lovely advice.
Now that I am again 1 day older I'm coping better with the idea of being 30. 

** and yes I am aware that I wrote her name wrong on the ticket ;-)

donderdag 10 juli 2014

Happy Birthday!

Goodmorning on this beautifull sunny day!
After days of rain, wind and stormy weather today I woke up to a clear blue sky, sparkling sunshine and a comfy warm temperature.

And best of all ; today is my birthday!
I'm turning 30... Not quite shure how I feel about that yet.. ;-)

I have taken the day off of work and have planned very little. 
Just enjoy the sunshine and relax a bit.

To share some of the happiness of the day I decided to do a small giveaway.

The goodies to be had are:

* 2 awesome little Notebooks; one bright pink harcover and 
one small mint/coral soft cover. 
Both have ruled pages.
*4 rolls of washi
* a mini multicolored pen
* a pack of yellow stickynotes
* a pack of 5 pens; they write lovely (contain blue ink)
* a pack of pink neon "thank you" -cards. 
They will be available soon in my Etsy but you can already win these!

To win all of these goodies leave a comment here on the blog and awnser the following question:

What advice would you give your 30 year old self?