maandag 12 januari 2015

2015; my plans

First of all I would like to wish you all a very happy 2015!
May you have the most fabulous year!

To make my own 2015 fabulous I'm keeping my intentions ( I prefer using "intentions" instead of "resolutions") simple. And the amout of "big projects" to a minimum.

On intentions;
Instead of having a huge list of thing I want to do I'm keeping my list short and do-able.
I find that the longer the list, the more items I will forget about. And that often leaves me bummed and frustrated about forgetting them.

On my list this year:

* finish my course in Human Resources.
I'm aiming to finsih it by July. The course itself is not really a difficult course. But I'm finding it hard to make enough time to study. I really need to make more of a effort...

* Find a job in HR
Because that's what I'm taking the course for!
My current contract as a domestic aid ends July 31st. And as I still need to pay my bills after that..
Also I am really in need of a job where I can use my brain.

* Stick to the budget
Money doesn't grow on trees ( at least; not to my knowledge).
I've been trying to live on a budget. I can tell you; it's hard!
But it is nescessary especially with my impending loss of work.

* keep the balance
I started a new-to-me kind of physical therapy in november and it is really working for me. I haven't been taking nearly as much painkillers lately (none at all actually) and I'm feeling full of energy. But this balance-thing is still hard for me. I've been falling off the wagon here and there, falling back into my old ways. Simply because when the pain and fatigue go you forget how bad it was..
I'm getting back into planning my day to keep me pain-free and full of energy!

Besides these main intentions I also have some "big projects" for 2015. I call them big projects because they will run troughout the year.

Big Project no1.  Finish a full year of Project life.
Besides documenting a full year of my life doing a project life for me also means I have to go and do something. I was reading this post by Caylee Grey about the lessons she learned in her second year of Project Life. She notes that it is very hard to document nothing. It seems so obvious but I never really thought about it.
And she is right. So I'm planning to make a real effort in undertaking things. Small trips, a workshop or 2, a day here and there. Not just for the sake of documenting. But because even though I love staying home and just be. I also love going out and see things.

I'm planning to have my photo's printed out once a month at HEMA to cut down on printing costs.
* Printing at home is not an option for me; it drives me crazy!
This does mean I'm almost a month behind at all times. But I'm keeping track of all my stories in my bullet-journal, regular journal and on Instagram so that won't be a problem.

Big Project no2. My One Line A Day journal
 I have always been a journaler but on a very irregualer basis. And thats okay with me.
But I find that I tend to focus of the special, positive or big events and skip daily things.
A while back I bought this one line a day journal and have had it on the shelves waiting for me to begin.
I kept putting it off. ..
But on January 1st I finally started. And so far ( 12 days..) have kept it up every day.
Hoping to keep it up for the next 5 years. Can't wait to see all of the entries..

And that's it for this year. Obviously I will do a lot of crocheting, snail-mailing, writing ,drawing and tons of things that catch my intrest.
But for now; these are my plans.

What are your plans, hopes and dreams for 2015?

vrijdag 9 januari 2015

still here..

I'm still here!!

I've fallen off the blogging wagon a bit lately (again).
I have lots of stories in my brain and have lots to say about everything but I'm having a hard time putting it all into words.

Please bear with me while I find my rythem again.
 I'll be back!!!