dinsdag 10 januari 2017

Texel 2017

*spoiler alert* 
be prepared for lots of photo's

This past weekend we went on our first trip of 2017.
We visited the dutch isle of Texel. It is no secret that I love the sea.
The sound of the crashing waves, the smell of the salty water and warm sand.. What's not to love?

But this has only been my second visit to this island.
When I grew up it was just to far away and in the recent years it just didn't happen.
But it has always been a must-visit destination for me.
This past summer we had already been for a day and I instantly knew I wantend to come back for a longer stay.
We often take a small trip in january ; as Nico usually has some days off  then (something about winter weather and painters ;)
We found an awesome last-minute deal so away we went.

We decided to take an early ferry on Friday to take advantage of an extra day on Texel. I always get ridiculously excited on things like a 15 minute ferry journey so no pictures. I can tell you we enjoyed an excellent sandwich on board. It was way too cold to stand outside and watch the sea though.

First stop on the island was Den Burg. A little town that is situated almost in the middle of the island. We did some essential shopping for food, drink and some souvenirs. And a little sightseeing of the town.

After that it was on to the first beach of the weekend; De Cocksdorp.

We tried to go here on our trip last year but we where on bike and it was just to far for us ( we are not bike-people) This lighthouse is pretty iconic for Texel. I did not venture up all of those stairs but just the red exterior was so pretty!

"Can I please take off this stupid sweater?"

It was freezing cold on the beach. Hence the cristmas sweater on Little Miss Abby. She very much dislikes it and kept trying to take it off. She was up to all sorts of antics. It was a low tide so the sea was quite a distance away but despite the freezing wind we decided to walk to the sea and back.
I quickly discovered a leak in my wellies so I had to stay out of the water. 

We ended our beach walk with a beer ; "Texels Schuumkoppe" and went to check in at the Chalet we booked for the weekend. 

After settling in we went for a quick swim in the pool (inside and heated thankfully). The rest of the evening was spent snuggled up on the couch. Nico reading, Little Miss snoozing and me knitting. 

When we got up on saturday (after sleeping in, what a luxury) the weather was quite wet. So we had a lazy morning knitting and reading. And went out to lunch for a pancake at an old farm. The weather got a bit better so we toured around the island for a bit. We ended up in Oudeschild. There was a dog-friendly museum so we went inside.
They happend to have an exobithion about traditional fishermens sweaters. Very cool. 
Little Miss Abby wasn't that impressed with the museam though.. So after the daily food-shop it was off to the beach again.

When we got to the beach the sun was just about to set. And the colors where the most glorious pastel colors! I must have snapped a thousand pictures. The Little Miss was happily playing with a brown labrador for a while and we ended up doing not much walking.
Just enjoying the sights.

We ended the day with a beer at a local bar and some more knitting and reading "at home"

On sunday we had to pack everything back up and go home. You always bring way to much stuff on these kind of trips...
We decided on one last visit to the beach before going home. It was very quiet on the beach; the weather wasn't that fabulous so we had the whole beach to ourselves. 

 Little Miss Abby raced around and had a blast. Here you can she her meeting a new "human" friend.. XD

We were a bit early at the ferry so I decided to squeeze in some more knitting. This is slightly addicitve... I have never knitted "in the wild" before but it was a nice change to checking social media on my phone. 

When we got home around 5 pm I quickly orderd some chinese for dinner and while we waited for that we packed away all of our stuff. 

I can not wait for our next trip!