maandag 23 maart 2015


Almost exactly 7 yeas ago I bought my very first 2 rats.
We where at a flea market and there was a boy selling baby-rats.
They where just too cute and in the end we took two little ladies home. They were named Lavender and Rosemary

After that there quickly came another pair of rat-ladies to live with us; I spotted Rock all by herelf in a cage at the petshop.
Rats are group animals so I instantly decided to take her home.. Then the petshop-owner said he had another rat all alone.. So I took that one as well.. And so Arrow and Rock came to live together in a big cage right next to the cage where Lavender and Rosemary lived..

After Lavender, Rosemary and Rock had died there was just Arrow left.
I felt sad for her that she was all alone and decided to get her some new friends.
I knew Arrow was alread an old rattylady so I decided on getting 3 little rattie friends so that when Arrow died her new rattie friends would not also be alone.

So after some searching on the internet Shiva, Buddah and Kali came to live with us.
Arrow enjoyed her new rattyfriends for at least half a year before she died.

When Shiva, buddah and Kali had all passed away I thought I was done with having rats.
We had moved houses and in our new house the ratcage was located in my study.
So they didn't get as much attention as when we lived in our old house. Where the ratcage stood in the livingroom.. And I felt really guilty about that.

But the empty cage made me feel so sad. I missed having rats!
So I searched the internet and found 4 lovely litttle ratty boys that needed a home.
At first I didn't intend on having 4. But I couldn't just leave one.
So Thunder , Lightning, Rain and Drops all came to live with us.

And now.. now I am amidst a rat-crisis.
I had to have Lightning put to sleep because it seemed he had had a stroke or tumor in his brain. He was desorientated, had trouble with his motorskills and was in extreme discomfort.
But now, Thunder, his brother, is showing the exact same symptoms.
I have consulted with my vet, who is very good with rats, and there are several options, Ranging from a severe brain infection to a congenital defect.
We are aslo considering enviromental factors such as food and bedding..

I have him on strong antibiotics and special food but all I can really do is keep my fingers crossed.
I don't think I could bear losing another ratty so soon....

I love rats. They have such enormous personalities and are so much fun!
But I hate the way they get sick. Often very sudden and very serious.
Aside from Lavender  (who died in a dog-related accident) all of them had some sort of illness (mostly tumors) and had to be put to sleep.
I think that after this my ratty-days are really over...

April 1st Update:
Thunder left for the Rainbow Birdge yesterday. He was really trying so hard but he was losing weight and overall just not a happy ratty anymore.
So now there are 2 ratty misters left...

Rosemary & Lavender



Kali , Shiva and Budda

Budda & Shiva

Lightning and Thunder

Thunder and Rain

dinsdag 3 maart 2015

Banana Bread

I am not much of a baker.
I can follow instructions and it usually truns out ok but nothing spectacular.
Also I am just to lazy for it.
And all the bits and pieces you have to clean up afterwards.... *sigh*

a few weeks ago I noticed a recipe for Banana Bread in the Flow Weekly.
It looked so easy I wanted to give it a try.

It was fabulous!
Simple, not to many ingredients, I didn't have loads to wash up afterwards.

I put the loaf ( after having a few slices) in the freezer and have been eating it toasted with some peanutbutter all week.

So for all of you lazy bakers I'm sharing the recipe today =)

Lazy Banana Bread

200 gr. of whole weat flour
3 ripe bananas (mushed up)
2 eggs
100 ml milk
50 gr. raisins
1 sachet baking powder
2 teaspoons cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon salt

Preheat the oven at 180 degrees celcius
Combine all the ingredients.
Put the mix in a baking tin
Put it in the oven for 50 minutes.
And thats it!

Have it toasted with some peanutbutter, jam or whatever takes your fancy.