maandag 10 november 2014

Every dog needs a blanket..

a few weeks ago we where visiting my mom. Abby wanted to be as close to us as possible and setteled on a diningroom chair for a nap.. But without a pillow or blanket she just couldn't get comfortable. The end-result was a very annoying little dog because she didn't get enough sleep.
** yes dogs are really just like children..

So we made a mental note to bring a blanket for her next time.
Now we do have some blankets around. Fleece ones, woven ones.. but the are all quite big and cumbersome to take with us.
Offcourse I could have gone out and buy something for her.
But with a big stash of yarn .. why not make one?

After a bit of rummaging through my stash I found 5 colors in the same yarn that worked well together. ** I used cheap yarn from Action; 1 euro per ball. I had to buy an extra gray one because there was only a small amount left in my stash

I really didn't know how big the blanket would get so for the pattern I decided to do one big Granny Square. I was planning to use up all of the yarn and just see how big it would become. The whole blanket took me about 2 weeks to make. I am a slow crocheter and if you really put yourself into it you will probably finish it sooner.

Despite the fact that there were some not so pretty yarn-joins in the balls Abby loves her blanket. And I am quite happy with how it turned out. It is big enough for her to snuggle under and small enough for us to easily take with us. 
So everybody is happy! 

dinsdag 4 november 2014

November is for...

.. accepting Fall is really here

... starting my 10 month study to beome an HR employee

... finishing up re-organising my study

... drinking lots of tea

... getting started with the preperations for our big christmas dinner.
    Starting with making and sending out the invitations

... the annual "all you can eat fish night" at the village where we used to live. My father-in-law
    organises it so we "have " to be there ;-)

... crocheting some wristwarmers and a scarf for myself

... and finishing up some crochet-projects I have been working on this year

... including my "mood blanket" that I am a bit behind on. I want to be all caught up before the busy       december

... a birthday party and sleep-over without Abby. She will be staying at a friends house

... getting better at the whole work and play balance

... learning to say "I want.." instead of  "I must.."

... thinking about my project life plans for 2015

Oh I can already tell this month will be so busy!
What are your plans for this month?