vrijdag 13 december 2013

December Daily: update

It is only december 13th and I am already way behind on my pages.
I have been keeping up with writing a story about each day (in the cute little notebook I made during the Holiday Extravaganza). But I've been busy with Life so making the actual pages just hasn't happend yet.

Today I'll share the pages I've finished.

first up I decorated the inside cover with a calendar.

Day one: a lazy breakfast at Turf 
followed by our monthly beachwalk with a group of dogs.

Day 2: A peak in my On-going projects basket;
 My first "big" crochet project: Wristwarmers
(which I've currently finished by the way)

Day 3: some lovely red bushes I saw while walking Abby
And my monthly birthday-card writing.

Day 4: When I get home, dinner is on the table

 Day 5: "Sinterklaas"
A vintage postcard I found in a small shop

Day 6: A drawing of my favorite mug.
(I am so proud of that drawing!!)
My dad bought it for me at the Disney Shop in London. 
And the wrapper of my current favorite tea.

And how are you doing with your December Daily album?
Leave a link in the comments and I'll hop over to your blog and have a look...

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