woensdag 27 november 2013

Week in the life; the album

In September I participated in week in the life
(You can read about it here)
After taking lots of pictures and blogging about it next step was to make an album of it.
I really wanted to do the album in project life-style.
But I didn't have enough inserts, no album to put the inserts in and no photoshop skills to resize the pictures.
So I had the pictures printend out and they sat on my desk for weeks.

For those of you who have been reading along here for longer know I have a very difficult time with finishing projects. But all of those unfinished projects have  tendency to weigh heavy on my mind.
And with the december daily challenge looming I really wantend to have this project finished before december1st.

So I gatherd some supplies (from my very sad little stash) and sat down to get it done.

Supplies I used:
* some bycicle-paper from a paperblock bought at a cheap store
* yellow ribbon
*  Thickers "Emerald"
* Cut & Paste stickers from Jen Allyson Charm "bliss"and "care free"
* alphabet stamps from HEMA

I originally wanted to bind the whole album together with binderrings. But they are soooo hard to find. You can only order them online. But since all the online scrapbook stores charge huge prices for shipping below a certain amount. Binderrings cost almost nothing, so you need to order a ridiculous amount of them.
So Nico suggested to use ribbon.
It's not ideal but with my next scrapbook-order I will order some binderrings.

I've kept the day-pages simple. I just stamped the day on them and used a sticker to decorate it a bit.
The pictures are a mix of 10x15 cm and 10x10 cm.
I just punched holes in them and made a stack of them.

So with the week in the life thing all sorted out wan wrapped up I'm ready for the december daily challenge!

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