woensdag 13 november 2013

Keeping organised: the Birthday-chart

As you've read earlier I love to write cards and letters.
And what better occasion then a birthday to send a personal  card?

But I have lots of family-members and keeping track of the dates is not really my "thing"
So sometimes cards are late..
But not anymore!!

On an afternoon of random internet-hopping I came across THIS post on the Martha Steward website.
Basically it's a small list of alle the birthdays you want to remember you put somewhere handy.

I've made my own list because the one on Martha Steward's website was too small for me. I've put it next to my computerscreen. Once a month, ususally near the end of the month I sit down and write all the birthdaycards for the coming month.
Put on a stamp, a post-it with the date you need to mail it so it get's there on time, put the stack of cards near your keys and your done!

** some of my card-writing supplies

** my favorite stamp to use at the moment..

Do you send out birthday cards? And how you you make sure they arrive on time?


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