dinsdag 10 september 2013

Week in the life.

This week I am doing my first ever week in the life project.
This chalenge designed by Alie Edwards challenges you to document your life and capture the little details.

On my someday/maybe list is doing a project life. But with a tiny craft-budget. And not being good at finishing projects I've started this isn't going to happen at the moment.
So I'll first have a go at this "week in the life". As a kind of mini-project life.

I'll be posting my pictures from the day before right here on the blog (eek! I still can't believe I actually started a blog) And the goal is to make a project life-style album at the end of the week..

So here we go!!

After waking up first on the program: taking a shower. It is essential to my waking up routine

Next up; after getting dressed ofcourse, walking the dogs..

After their breakfast time for some cuddles. Aby took up residence in one of the dogbeds and Keyser is still deciding where to go..

My own breakfast consists of muesli with goatsyoghurt and checking facebook, my email and instagram on my phone

Also on my phone; whatsapping with the boyfriend. This happens throughout the day..

Abby decided she needed more snuggles and jumped on my chair right behind me...

Yes even more suggles... After doing some chores time for a cup of tea in front of the tv.. 

en route to work. I have a small folding bycicle which I can take with me on the train. 

Waiting for the train to Enkhuizen. Which ofcourse is late.. as usual..

My workplace...

taking notes...

very unusual: having dinner at work. This is some leftover curry with calliflower from yesterday. Normally I have dinner at home but we ( a collegue and me) are doing some promotional stuff this evening ...

After handing out flyers I catch a ride with my collegue back home.

No plans for the rest of the evening so Keyser and I snuggled up in front of the TV watching "CSI New York" and "Bones"

the weather today was awefull and fall has defenetly arrived. So I made some nice hot chocolate for myself =)

And that's it for today.. Time for bed.

See you tomorrow!

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