donderdag 12 september 2013

Week in the Life; Tuesday

This week I am doing my first ever week in the life project.
This chalenge designed by Ali Edwards challenges you to document your life and capture the little details.

A bit later as planned but this was Tuesday.


Good Moring!!

Filling out the paperwork for "week in the life"
You can download them HERE.

because I'm the person who is mostly at home houshold chores fall mostly on me... So I should be doing the dishes but I really can't get myself to do them..
No we still don't have a dishawasher. I would love to have one. But it would mean I have to sacrifice 3 big drawers in the kitchen. And we need all the storagespace we can get. But when it's time for a new kitchen the first thing we'll do is buy a dishwasher.

Fall had really arrived.. So I try to walk the dogs inbetween rainshowers.. Sadly I wasn't very succesfull today so we had to find some shelter..
Keyser doesn't like rain...

Enroute to work. With the crappy weather I felt like a cup of tea..

I took the bus to the station today because my bike was still in Enkhuizen. So I was early and had time for some shopping. I always end up browsing "Action" All of their stuff is super cheap.
I bought these 2 balls of yarn for 0.59 cents each. Love the neon colors!!
And found these cute stickers; perfecht for my upcoming December Daily album. And at only 0.79 cents each I couldn't leave them there..

I found this bottle of nailpolish at the bottom of my bag.. Not quite shure if I like the color.....

Afternoon essentials: Lots of tea and cookies "stroopwafels"te be precice...

And: blog planning.
I printed out these cute planning-pages from
Best of all.. they where FREE!

Also on my to do list this afternoon: uploading all of the photo's from yesterday.

WHOOHOO!! 18.00 time to go home!

more fall-weather.. 

Do you see that box with the blue lid on the dashboard?
That contained my dinner: andijviestamppot with meatballs..
Because we have dog-school on tuesday my boyfriend picks my up at the station, and I eat my dinner in the car on our way.
** Nico cooks whenever I work.. so that's most weekdays =)

Thats me and Abby.. the exercise was to get the dog to walk backwards.
Abby had a very hard time with that..

back home; time to veg out on the couch and watch tv. On tonight.. nothing much. Just some random fliping through the channels..

22.40: bed-time

More tomorrow!!

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