maandag 16 september 2013

Week in the life: Friday

This week I am doing my first ever week in the life project.

The creator of this project, Ali Edwards, wirtes: "A seven-day documentary project, Week In The Life is an annual opportunity to capture the simple everyday details of your life with photos and words. The albums I’ve created using the basics outlined below are some of my most treasured in that they are wonderfully true representations of my family’s life at a particular point in time. From the mundane to the profound, it’s those simple little everyday moments that I treasure most."

Keyser isn't ready to get up yet....I know.. it is very early..

En route to work. Today I'm working in Midden-Beemster. I overslept a little bit so I'm having breakfast on the bus again. 

A quick selfie. Not my best picture ever but the best for now...

10.00; time for coffee. Well.. I actually don't drink coffee very often so it's tea for me. The elderly couple I work for on friday have a huge bramble bush in their garden. These where picked especially for me

In these parts the bus only comes once every hour.
 So most weeks I get some lunch in the local supermarket. 
Today: maple & pecan buns. 

To kill some time while waiting for the bus I read a bit.
 Today: The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstein.
 Not shure if I like it yet...

After getting home, I walked the dogs, did some dishes.. Before vacuming I wanted to straighten out the dog beds.. Abby helped me.. bully-style. 
Whilst I was trying to shake the beds out she kept pounching them.. She ended up underneath the blanket.... *sigh*

Next on my to-do list: making a shopping list. We go to the supermarket once a week. I make a mealplan for a whole week and my shoppinglist is orderd by the supermarkt layout.
  This means we buy less stuff on impulse. 

Nico got home at 15.00. He was very tired so shopping has been postponed until tomorrow. 

Our little doggie...

After dinner, which consisted of Mexican style Wraps, I did some more crocheting..
I love the colors but still need to practice on getting the stiches even..

No tv tonight. There was nothing interesting on. I remember that when I was little friday-night was THE night to watch tv. Awesome movies and shows used to be on Friday. But these days... 
So we decided to play a round of Magic. I have an old pre-constructed deck called Zombies Unleashed. Wich I adapted a bit. Nico plays with a self-built green and black deck.
We played 3 rounds and I won all of them =)
Probably because Zombies always win on Friday the 13th...

After losing for 3 rounds Nico decided he needed to make his deck zombie-proof. So I watched a bit of tv, cuddled with Abby while he adapted his deck.
And it worked, he won the next 2 rounds ..

After this it was time for bed..

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