donderdag 26 september 2013

Online Shopping

Last Saturday I did some online shopping.
 I have been wanting to order some stuff for ages but ordering stuff abroad involves some prep-work.
I need to find my log-in information for the pay-pal account I never use, then  deposit some money into it.. wait for the money to appear on the pay-pal account.. And since I am not known for my patience I don't shop online very much.
But I really had my heart set on these products..
So I asked a friend , with a very active pay-pal account, for some help.

My first stop was paislee press. In a recent blogpost from rukristin she noted she used templates from Paislee Press for her week in the life album layout. I love Kristin's lay-out's  So I hopped over to Paislee Press and had a look.
Everything was so lovely!!
But I am working with a small budget so there where some choices to be made.
I settled on the pictures + words no. 7  and  pressplate no. 38 .
Whilst shopping around I also found some free templates and I added these to my shopping list.
Free is always AWESOME!

After this I hopped back to the rukristin shop.
I have been waiting to join in with the Currently challenge for a while.
So I took this chance and orderd all of the currently-cards.
Yes .. all of them.. they weren't that expensive and I gives me the chance to choose a color to fit my mood.

All of the shopping was super simple and ordering only digital products meant I wasn't going to pay a fortune on shipping-costs. And you have the products immediately.
So Sunday was printing day =)

I had bought some thick paper, almost cardstock-like, before in a store in town.
All the printcardridges were full so:


after printing and before cutting..

My first filled out currently-card. I pasted it in my journal

With the printer already warmed up I decided to print out some free project-life cards I found around Pintrest.

** I haven't used my paislee press templates yet. I overlooked the fact that I don't have a working Photoshop at the moment. But that small detail is being handled this weekend. So that I can finally print out my week in the life photo's and get my week in the life project wrapped up.

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