woensdag 2 oktober 2013

Vacation pictures

Every year during the summer we pack up our camping equipment and dogs in the car and go camping.
We usually go for 2 weeks and always try to go somewhere else in Europe.

This year we decided not to go very far. Keyser (our Dogo argentino) has turned 11 years old this year and is starting to show his age. So in case of a medical emergency I didn't want to be far from home.
We decided to go to the Belgian Ardenns. With Nico's buisness stiil in the start-up fase we also didn't take a 2 week trip like we usually do but went only one week.
Aside from the dogs, a friend of us also went with us.

As usual I am glued to my camera when we're on a trip. Also in my "essential-holiday kit"; a notebook ; this year a large sized Moleskine cahier, some paints, differents small bits of patterned paper, glue, siccors, aquabrushes, a date-stamp and red inkpad.

After the week I ended up with almost 200 pictures....
So my first job when we got home was to make a selection for printing..
Small batches of pictures I print at home but with these large orders I order them online and then pick them up at the store.This only takes 3 days. Which gives me time to gather up supplies for the album.

I bought a very cute album at HEMA which I wantend to use for this project.
So when I got my pictures back I started with the gluing in of pictures.
Only to discover that halfway through the binding fell apart!
I decided to take the album back to the store. They where very helpfull and refunded the entire cost of the album. And even paid for it to have it bound at the copyshop.

yes I know this a very "old fashioned" way of making an album.
But i just can't get used to these digitally printed albums; they all look the same!
So take a trip through my vacation album:

the cover: I use small offcuts from filmrolls for decoration..

Love this washi-tape..

pictures, stamps and pen

the left page includes a city map

with some clever positioning you can make your own panorama-pictures..

this one is spread over 2 pages..

Someone had folded his map into a tiny boat and had left it somewhere for me to find..

pictures, pen and watercolors

I used a paint chip to document our search for falling stars. I just love the name of this color "Moondust Memory"

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