donderdag 10 oktober 2013


I have always wanted to learn how to crochet.
My mom tried to teach me but that wasn't a succes.. She moved way to fast and I couldn't keep up.
I've tried several different tutorials on Youtube.
Read different books about crocheting..
Without succes..

So I had somewhat given up on crocheting..
But then I went to a scrapbooking fair.
I can hear you think: "What does a scrabooking fair have to do with crocheting?"
Well there was a stand where you could crochet "granny squares" for charity.
They had some beautifull things there so I took some time to think that maybe I could learn someday....
The lady in the booth invited me to join them but I explained to her I couldn't crochet.
She told me if I left my project there (for charity) she could teach me!
How could I say no?

So I sat down, was handed a huge crochethook and some zpagetti and in the next half hour her 12 year old daughter taught me how to make a granny square.
And it turned out.. it wasn't actually that hard...
That afternoon I made 2 granny squares and was inspired to make some more at home.

So back home I took my cheap crochethook and some yarn I had lying around and made some more "granny squares".

I had a lot of trouble with the cheap crochethook. It was to small for me to hold and made my fingers hurt.
(A small note I have to make is that I have Fybromyalgia. It is a chronic disease that makes my joints sore. So maybe crocheting isn't a very good thing to do.. )

So I had to take a small shopping trip to the local craftstore.
And there I found a very nice, Clover crochethook.
I had seen then on Intstagram so it seemde like an excellent choice.

I also bought some cheap yarn in some fun colors.
More "granny squares"are in the making:

I really love my new crochethook!!
I also went on the hunt for another pattern to make.
On My rose valley blog I found a really cute flower.
The patteren was in English so I had to transfer it to dutch..
And had to figure out what it all meant.
Thankfull I had some help from an Instagramm friend =)
She also recommend a very helpfull crochet-for-beginners website.

So after a bit of work I could start on the "maybelle Flower Crochet" pattern.
It was harder as I expected and I had to start over several times.
But at the end of the night I had 2 flowers:


I am not 100% happy with them yet.
But crocheting for almost the whole afternoon and evening wasn't a very good idea.
Both my hands are very sore so I'm on a crochet-break until they're better.
And after that.. well.. I'll have to set myself a time-limit..

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