maandag 29 juli 2013

Fold it in Mini-Album

With Nico of to the “zwarte cross” festival ( a mix between a music festival and dirtbike races)  last weekend I had the whole weekend to myself. Of course I had way to many things I wanted to do..
One of those things was to finally make a fold it in mini-album.
I won the workshop, made by Kristin from, in a give-away on the nerd nest blog some time ago. But as usual Life got in the way of crafting.
But with all my "free" time I had this weekend I finally got round to making  one.
As I commented in the give-away I wanted to make my first one about the dogtraining we are doing with our deaf Bull terriër; Abby.
So I had Nico take some pictures during training. I had them printed out  few weeks ago.
The next step was “shopping” in my scrap-material stash. I’m a bit new to the whole scrapbooking-thing. I discovered a desperate shortage in embellishments and not even that much cute papers.
( I have to say the stuff you can easily get here in Holland isn’t that cute). So some supply-shopping will have to be done..soon..
But I did manage to get some stuff together.

With the instructions right there on my computer screen it was quite easy to do.
I can defently reccomend this workshop!!
 I worked untill late in the night to get the basic structure done.**Not that it really took that long. I just started really late in the evening** And saved the embellishing for the next day.
The finished product came out like this:

I used pictures taken during the course and made copies of the doggie-handsign book we have.
These show what handsignal we use for which command. And also tells a bit how we tought it to her.

What I’ve learned for next time:
* expand my stash!!!
* use a paper without structure for the binding.
* don’t forget a damp towel for whiping of the glue on the binding
*use a thicker paper for the back and front cover..

But I’m still very happy with how it came out.

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