dinsdag 23 juli 2013

Summer has arrived..

We’re already halfway through my summer vacation but the summer-weather only arrived a few days ago. With temperatures around the 25 /30 degrees all I do is trying to stay cool.
Wich means staying indoors during the afternoon heat and taking the dogs out for their walks early in the morning and in the evening when it’s cooler.  In the afternoon we only do a small round around the block.

The dogs are also suffering from the heat. Abby doesn’t want to walk at all. And Keyser hobbels along for a small walk. But mostly they just lounge around and take long naps.

The weather also means I am way behind on my summer projects. 
First of all I am way behind on my Find your Voice project. I have filled out the worksheets up to week 4. But I’m having a hard time with the prompts.  I have lots of ideas about what to do but my inner critic and prefectionist is telling me I can’t do it. And frankly at the moment it’s too hot to tell him to shut up.

I’m printing out lesson 5 later tonight so I am keeping up with the worksheets. And taking notes of all the ideas that pop into my head so I don’t lose them. 

Secondly I’m just not getting around to finishing up all sorts of “little” projects I have been saving up to do in my vacation. Still on my creative to do-list:
 * make a fold it in album of Abby’s  doggie trainng.
* finish  my “lines” album
* make some stamps; I promised to make a stamp for a friend and also want to make some for myself. The materials finally arrived so I could start…
* Sew some new hammocks for the rats
* I need to shut up my inner critic and get started with the prompts from Find your Voice.

But sadly my creative to-do list is often pushed aside by my other to-do list. The one that includes vacuming, doing the dishes, an endless amount of laundry and other small household tasks.
How do you keep your creative goals from being overrun by your daily tasks??

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  1. Hi I am Frances D from The USA. We have a little Pomeranian named Shadow, and we too are doing the early morning/late evening thing. It's been so hot. I have problems with perfectionism too. I have so many blank bound journals and things to decorate the pages with, but trying to decide on the most perfect thing to do holds me up for hours, days, weeks. Thanks for sharing your experience.