dinsdag 23 juli 2013


My name is Janine. I am 29 years old and live together with my boyfriend, our two dogs Keyser and Abby  and our 2 rats Budda and Shiva in a house in Hoorn in the Netherlands.
I trained as a teacher but quickly found out I didn’t like the school-culture. It leaves very little room for creativity. Currently I work as a homework cousellor and a few hours a week I do some housekeeping for elderly people.
Wich leaves ample room for hobbies. Of which there is a long list that includes; photography, journal keeping, scrapbooking, stamp making, drawing, painting…
I also love to read, have coffee at my favorite coffeplace, go to the beach, go shopping (but not for clothes), try new crafts, sleep in late, go to the movies and many more things. 

About our dogs:
Keyser is an 11 year old Dogo Argentino  male. We adopted him from a shelter in Zaandam.
 He is very lazy and loves to snuggleand takes long naps.
 But also loves his walks in the forrest or on the beach.

Abby is an 19 month old mini Bull Terriër. She was adopted from a shelter in Balkbrug.
She is still very young and in training. To complicate matters she is also deaf. So we’re teaching her to respond to handsignals.  She is a very happy and bouncy little bundle of energy who is most happy to just snuggle with you on the couch. 

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