dinsdag 4 maart 2014

One Little Word: Intentions

It has taken me some time but I have finally managed to get myself into action and do something with this.

The sketchbook was just laying here on my desk the whole time but it just didn't feel right. I kept moving it around because it was in my way .But never felt ready to start.
Until this weekend when I saw a "no spend march" picture on Instagram.
In that moment it all just clicked into place and I knew where I wanted to go with my word.

I ditched the sketchbook; it just felt restrictive. I repurposed a folder I had laying around and filled it up with some blank paper and lined paper.
First up after that was to write a list of my intentions for my word over the whole of 2014.

My intentions for finding the balance between all and nothing:

I really want to change my spending habits. I have what we here in Holland call a "hole in my hand" and am very good at shopping small little tidbits I don't actually need. Which means I have a very hard time saving money for things I do really need. I really want to change this.
I want to find a happy medium between spending nothing and having some money to spend but leave enough for things I need. Inspired by all the people who are having a "no spend"-month I am going to give that a go. Just to break the habit of going into town when I don't actually need things but come home with stuff.
More on my no spend challenge tomorrow.

I really want to spend more time togheter with other people. I spend a lot of time home alone during the day and would really would like to have a more active social life. But that means I have to get out there and I'm not quite shure where to start. I made a small step by going to a monthly game-night at a local game store Not a playstation/xbox type gamestore but with actual "old fashioned" boardgames and stuff like that. It was really lots of fun! And I am making plans to do stuff like that more often.

I have a massive amout of hobbies. And for all those hobbies I have stuff. And some of it wasn't cheap. But because I have so many things I want to do; I don't have time to do them all. Which leaves me feeling hugely guilte for the things I don't do often enough. And I have an enormous to-do list filled with projects I want to do.  So I feel I might have to edit it. And make a selection of a few things I really love. And file the rest under "maybe/someday"

As a result of my hobbies and spending I have a lot of "stuff" no need to call a hoarders-helpline, it isn't THAT bad. And all that stuff is weighing down on me. So I need to clear it out. And select which things I really need and what can go. My study or the "reat room; since that is also where the rats live has become somewhat of a dumping ground. And is in need of a clear-out.
I hope that with having less stuff my brain will feel less cluttered.

I want to watch less tv during the day. That would give me more time to do things that I want to do. I also found that watching less tv during the day helps me feel more energised and less depressed.

And last but not least I want to pick up yoga again. Apart from walking Abby 2-3 times a day and having my bike as my main mode of transport I don't get much excersise. I did yoga for a while and found it really helped with my fybromyalgia. But when we moved I never got around to finding another yoga studio.
I am going to try and do yoga at home.

So these are the ways In which I am going to try and find some balance in my life in different area's.
Some will be easier to do and some will be a challenge to incorporate.
But we will see how it goes.

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