woensdag 26 maart 2014

Around here

We have been having some ridiculously fabulous weather. Winter consisted this year of fall-like weather. We probably have had maybe 7 days of below zero in total and no snow whatsoever.
And as a bonus; spring came early this year. I have been spamming my Instagram account of pictures featuring the nice weather, sunshine and flowers. I've been spending lots of time in our garden and soaking up the sun. I even already have somewhat of a tan. Yay!

I am not a very organised person. I do try but after a few days/weeks I get overwhelmed by all the little notes and the system I thought would be perfect and little bits of paper start to pile up. A few weeks ago I read about the Bullet Journal method. It is insanely simple. 
So I decided to give it a try; I still had a notebook in my stash that was perfect for this. I have been using it for 3 weeks now and so far so good. I plan to do a blogpost about this method in a few weeks. I need some time to see if it works for me long-term.

The deadline of my market debut on the 23rd meant lots of last minute creating. I really wanted to make some of my own stationary and see if it would sell. In case you're wondering; it did not. I'm adding it to my etsy-store this week so you can decide for yourself. Because working upstairs in "my" room isn't really an option when I'm home lone with Abby (she gets very restless, starts being annoying and I can't focus) I brought all of my stuff downstaris and spread it out all over the diningtable. This is the mess I made.. 
I had everything all cleaned up by dinnertime and we ate at the table 

I have an enormous amount of nailpolish. At my last count I hade 12 bottles. I mostly tend to be attracted to pinks and reds. But with all the cute manicures I see coming by on Instagram I decided to try something different. I really liked the green. Also I'm trying to use all of the nailpolishes instead of just having them sit there. Most of them are really cheap brands so they only last for a day or 3. Wich means I have lots of room to try new combinations. When my no-spend-march is over no.1 on my shoppinglist is a sparkling topcoat.

I have sent my very first "Pay it Forward" package this week. I really had lots of fun putting it together. I finally got to use my typewriter and added a little letter to the package. It consisted of a box of watercolors, 2 brushes and I made a small notebook filled wih watercolor paper. My friend was really happy with it.
So 1 package down, 3 more to go.

Almost a year ago I finally got my drivers licence. But now, almost a year on, I still find driving scary. I do good with roads I have traveled often. So going to work is not a problem. But when I have to drive somewhere I haven't driven to before I get really nervous.
Last Monday I had to go to Heiloo, wich is about 35 minute drive. I've never driven there myself and was really nervous. But it went really well and I was super proud of myself. Especially because I was thinking up loads of excuses to take the train instead. But I did it and it went super!

One of my intentions for this year was to take better care of myself. Part of that is to stick my my diet (no dairy, no beef and no pork) and taking my (homeopathic) meds. So every monday, after walking Abby and having breakfast I make myself a nice cup of coffee and set upon the task of getting my pills ready for the whole week. It has become somewhat of a ritual.  I've noticed that my fybromyalgia has been getting better and I have less pain. So it's working.
Now comes the hard part; keeping this ritual up.

So that's life around here.
What's happening in your life?

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