maandag 24 maart 2014

Market day

Yesterday was the big day; my very first market day with all of my Bits & Bobs. 
The market started at 10.30 but the doors opened at 9.00 to give you enough time to get ready.
Typically me, I was there right at 9.00.. way too early!  I always keep all of my "shop-stuff" neatly packed in a pink crate at home so the only thing I had to pack was my pink crate, a nice tablecloth (tip from my mom; you always sell beter with a nicely covered table) and lunch.
As you can see I pinned all of my charms onto some canvasses covered in black fleece. It always helps to have little bits displayed in a way that makes shopping easy.
So by 19.30 I was all set up. I spend the rest of the time until opening seeing the other stalls and chatting with my neighbors. 

When the doors opened the first people in were bargain hunters. Not my target-group. I hoped things would pick up later in the day.. But it didn't really. It was a tough crowd.
Lots of little old ladies just strolling around but not really wanting to part with their cash. And when they did they wanted to spend as little as possible.
I did sell some bits and pieces; mainly notebooks but also some charms. But most people where looking for cheap household products instead of handmade items. 
*Also my mother-in-law stopped by and did some major shopping.. <3

The vibe among the sellers was real good but the buyers were not my thing. I got a lot of odd looks (sometimes even disdainful) and an old lady even told me that nobody can make money from their hobby.
Take that!

By the time the market closed at 14.45 I was really ready to go home. I didn't expected to take the critisisms so hard...It really bummed me out.
So this was the first and last time on a market like this.
Lesson learned.

Next month I am planning to have a small stand at the huge flea market here in Hoorn on Kings Day ( formerly Queensday) This will be on the 26th of April. Traditionally we celebrate the birhtday of the King on this day. The flea markets are huge on these days and fillend with anything and everything people want to sell. So I'll try again then. Lets hope it will be more of a succes then!

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