woensdag 5 maart 2014

No Spend March

Yesterday I posted about my intentions for this year.

One of them was to be a smarter spender. And spend less money on buying stuff I want rather then spening my money on stuff I need.

As I wrote yesterday I am very good at convincing myself I really "need " something. When I can probably live without it very well. So I spend a lot of money on things I don't really need.
Which leaves little room for saving. Or buying things we really need.
I found that I often go into town and browse the shop just to be out of the house.

I would really like to be a smart spender but I fear that I might have become addicted to buying stuff.
So I have decided to do a whole month of not spending.
Today I made a list detailing things that are allowed and things that are most certainly off-limits. As you can see I am not going down to the bare minimum. And I'm not affecting others with my not-spending.
For me this challenge is more about breaking a shopping habit as it is about saving money.

We are now 5 days in and I am finding it harder than I expected. My mind keeps thinking "oh I could go into town and pick up..." So I am keeping myself busy with cleaning, napping and taking Abby for long walks which she doens't enjoy that much.. she is a lazy doggy..

I'm hoping I can break this thinking and keep this up for the whole of March.

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