vrijdag 21 maart 2014

Currently 21.03.2014

Each week I take a moment and record what's happening right now.
Here is this weeks card:

Other current events:
I am in full preperation-mode for this sunday.
This coming sunday is the first time I am taking my etsy store into the real world. 
I have a stall on a small jumblesale in Purmerend.
That means I'm busy packing things, labeling them, making a cute display for my charms and 1001 little things I need to organise. Like getting enough change for example.
I also have some new bits and bobs. 
I am really excited but also a bit nervous. What if I don't sell anything?!
Wish me luck.
And if you're in the neighborhood come by and say hi!
You can find me at Concordia in Purmerend.

For those of you on the other side of the world; I'm updating my etsystore next week so you too will have a chance to see ( and order) the new goodies.

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