maandag 13 oktober 2014

What's in my bag?

One of my favorite past imes on Flickr is browsing throught the "what's in my bag"group
I just love seeing what people consider essential things to survive the everyday. And the sometimes seemingly random stuff peolpe have in their pures or bag.
It's also a really good lace to find book reccomendations.

Today I'm sharing the contents of my  daily bag with you all.
Now I have to say that I've always been a "big - bag" kind of girl. 
As once noted by one of my brothers; I have something for every event, emergency or occasion in my bag.
I've always done a lot of traveling by public transport; wich usually means a lot of waiting , hanging around and usually a long time before you get where you need to be. 
And all of this before the age of smartphones and their entertainment. 

But more recently I've been traveling less with public transport so I have less of a need for entertainment en-route. 
And there is my trusty phone to keep me busy.
Also big bags can get very heavy... 
So my bags have been getting smaller and have less stuff in them.

This is my everyday purse. The one I take with me going shopping, visiting family and friends and general stuff like that.

1. The purse itself. My mother-in-law bought it a few years ago. I loved it immediately and when she bought a new one recently and offered me this one I jumped on it. It has just enough room for the essentials. And I can easily add a notebook, my planner and a snack when needed.

2. My eco friendly shoppingbag. It is one of those very retro crochet things. But I love it because you can fit sooooo much in there!

3. Some random mints I picked up somewhere because I like having something like that on hand.

4. A small tin of painkillers. With my fybromyalgia painkillers are a must. But the packaging generally is ugly and big. So this way I always have some on hand without having to take the whjole bottle with me.. Or an ugly medicine box..

5. A small tin of lipbalm from HEMA. I mainly bought it for the cute tin.. Having some lipbalm is essential; nothing worse than dry lips.

6. some more mints. These where a freebie somewhere recently..

7. Cheap lipgloss. 

8. My entertainment; my Samsung Galaxy S4. In the super cute purple owl sillicon case.. I really hate being without my phone. 

9. a strip of anti-acid tablets. I have been having a lot of this recently.. =(

10. A tube of handcream. A real must have! I switch constantly between brands and am never able to pick a favorite. I bought this recently at HEMA. Mainly because the tube looks like a paint tube.. And it was only 2 euros. But I'm in love. The smell and texture reminds me of the much more expensive L'Occitane handcream. A winner for shure. 

11.  Notecards. I always need something to write on with me. This is a small plastic case filled with some USEM cards, generic ruled indexcards and some cards with quotes on them.

12. Writing utensils; at the moment I just have an IKEA pencil  and a mechanical pencil in here. When I do have my journal with me I add a pen (usually a fountainpen) and my planner has a pen in the bindingring.

13. My wallet. This contains all of my cards, my drivers licence and store cards.

14. I keep my money seperate from my cards in here. I have a bracelet with bells stitched on the side so it's easy to find. A left over from my "big bag" days... 

These are the things that are in my bag RIGHT NOW.
Things might change frm day to day just a bit.

For work I have a bigger bag. Maybe I will show you that next time.
As for now; what do you consider purse-must haves? 

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