donderdag 2 oktober 2014

#30 Lists ; the final lists

With the end of September also comes the end of this edition of #30 Lists.
I had lots of fun this time with my bright album.
I did find that there where a couple of hard propmts this time. I find it hard to make lists of my greatest accomplishments or things I am thankfull for.
I did my very best and decided that it's okay if a list is not page-long or has a dozen items on it.

You can find my first 16 lists HERE.
Today I'm sharing the rest of the lists with you.

And that marks...

Did you join in on the listing fun this round? How did your lists turn out?

2 opmerkingen:

  1. O...dus ik word bij jou geen (oud)tante...:-(....
    Maar je bent wel een heel leuk nichtje!!! En dat is ook belangrijk :-))
    Liefs, Peetje

  2. whahahah misschien veranderd het ooit nog... ;-)
    Maar voorlopig heb ik er echt niks mee.. babies nee...