maandag 27 oktober 2014

Sunday Adventure: Bully walk

Yesterday was the day.. the long awaited bully walk.
It took place in the beautifull "Loonse en Drunense Duinen". An area that is part forrest and part sandplains. With some dunes it makes for a fabulous place to walk your dog.. or family ;-)
And an opportunity to walk together with so many bull terriƫrs is to awesome to pass up.

Ever since our first dog Bachera we started joining these kinds of walks. Most of them are breed-specific but most of the time you are welcome to join with other dogs; as long as you are passionate about the breed that's walking.
We started out with Dogo Argentino walks ( Bachera was part Dogo and Keyser was pure bred).
And then when Abby came to live with us we also started going to Bully Walks.
If you are passionate about a specific breed, have a dog or are thinking about getting a cenrtain breed I can really reccomend these kinds of walks. You can usually find then on facebook, forums and sometimes your local breed club organises them.

The walk was about an hour and a half drive away but that is really not that bad. We started at 11.00 and had signed up for the 8 km. We expected to do that in about 2 hours. But we didn't realise part of the walk would be trough loose sand so it took us a bit longer..
But with all of the bullies that wasn't a problem.
There were bullies in all shapes and sizes and different colors. I think I hugged most of them.. ;-)
They were all so cute!!
Abby did awesome! She was friendly with all dogs and obviously enjoyed many hugs and lovings from experienced bully-huggers. Even the long walk and rough terrain wasn't a problem for her.

After the long and tiresome walk there was time for some drinks and more bully-hugging obviously!
I brought the big camera with me and took lots of pictures while Nico handled Abby.

Some tips if your are going on a groep-walk:
*check the weather and dress accordingly. But be prepared to get hot as you are walking. Layers work best.
* bring enough water for you and your dog. But don't let your dog drink to much at a time.
* make shure the collar and leash are up for some pulling. Your dog will probably be very excited and he/she may well forget their leash-manners.
* Don't be offended if your are asked to keep your distance form a certain dog. Not all dogs get along.
* walking with a group often means you don't walk as fast as you expected. Or maybe the group travels faster then your ususal pace ;-)

But most of all; have fun! And enjoy all of the dogs!

And now; on with the regular monday -things!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat zal Abby hier van hebben genoten. Net als jullie. Abby is een echte lieverd. Het is niet echt mijn soort hond, maar ik kan me voorstellen dat jullie plezier beleven aan haar en haar soortgenoten op zo'n dag. Een leuk evenement om naar uit te kijken. Nu weer een jaar wachten...?
    Liefs, Peetje

    1. Ik hoop dat we niet weer een jaar moeten wachten hoor! Er worden gedurende het jaar verschillende wandelingen georganiseerd. Hopelijk binnenkort eentje in Noord-Holland. Misschien wel op het strand...
      er waren gisteren ruim 80 bullen. Echt heel mooi om te zien!