woensdag 22 januari 2014

Perfect Afternoon

Sometimes things just are perfect.
Nico & Abby picked me up from work and we went to Amsterdam.
We found a parkingspot near the ferry to Central Station.
After parking we took the ferry, crossed through Central Station and walked to the city.

First a stop; Subway for lunch. We even found a place to sit and eat our sandwich (steak & cheese for him and Chicke Fajita for me).
After that we went to the top floor of the "Bijenkorf" where there is a small "Paperchase" store. We attracted quite a bit of odd looks; Nico had to pick Abby up because she can't take the escelators (Abby is our 2 year old miniature Bull-terriër). People seem to find picking up your Chihuahua perfectly normal but when you have a small bull-terriër under your arm.... hihi

At the "Paperchase" I immediately went for the sale section. My sister-in-law (who works at the Rotterdam-store) tipped me off that the sale would end this sunday.
While Nico and Abby checked out the rest of the floor (very patiently) I brouwsed.
A pad of writingpaper, v-pen, and some postcards went home with me.

After that we had a nice walk to "de Vlieger". A huge papershop in Amsterdam. I needed some white paper bags. But I also took a rol of masking tape, 2 pen-tips I had been looking for, a new pen holder and some beautiful Japanese paper home with me. I would have taken so much more home but I restrained myself.
When we came out of the store the sun had come out and we had a lovely walk back to Central Station. After a quick visit to Starbucks (an double espresso for him and a chai tea latte with soymilk for me) we took the ferry across the Amstel and went back home.

all my finds...

And now, I am exhausted from all the walking. But I had a really nice afternoon. I'm so happy with all my little bits of paper.
All afternoons should be like this; shopping for paper, nice weather and drinking Chai Tea's

And how was your day today?

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