maandag 20 januari 2014

December Daily; the end-result

A little applause please: Today I've finished my December Daily album!

Before I share the full album,
I really had a hard time making the pages this year. It just didn't sit right. Making the pages was so much more work than I really wantend to do.
So about half-way through the month I kind of gave up on the whole project. That's why there is one day missing.
Also a big factor in my giving up was the quality of the pictures printed by our home printer. They where just awefull. And having them all printed out would have been costly. But I really didn't want to leave the project half-finished. So I decided to , to hell with the budget, have the rest of the pictures printed out at HEMA.
(the only place here in Holland that lets you import your pictures straight from Instagram, that I know of)
It was less expensive then I thought it would be..
With all the pictures printed I had no more excuese not to finish it.

But for next , oh wait this year, I'm not shure if I want to do another december daily.
Definitively not in this format. But december is still a long way away so I still have time to decide.

And now, without further ramblings, here is my finished December Daily album:

I am so glad I can cross this project of my to do list.
Did you do a December Daily? Is yours finished?
Share a link to your December Daily in the comments.
I would love to see how yours turned out!

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