maandag 13 januari 2014

One Little Word 2014

This year I wanted to try the "one little word" thing. ( among other things..)
I've seen severeal people blog about it, seen it pass by on instgram and it seems interesting.
I've read about it on the Ali Edwards Blog, since it is her idea I thought it would be a good place to find out how and what exactly it is.
I found it hard te really get a clear idea what it actually is. Ali is hosting a class but I have no intention of signing up for that.
So now what?

I've decided to wing it. And it scares me.
I like it when a project has clear guidelines and step-by-step instructions to follow. It makes it all clear and easy to folow ( and still I seem to have trouble completing projects..)
So it will be interesting how I will do with a project without guidelines.

First task; pick a word.
That is the easy part. I've had a word in my brain for the last month or 2.
So my word for 2014 is Balance.

Balance is the thing I struggle with most.
Finding the balance between all the things I want to do and all the things I need to do.
Balance between work and fun
Balance between all and nothing
Balance between beïng active and rest

So this year I am going to see if I can find some balance.

I am not really shure in which form I will do this project. I am an avid journal keeper so there will be some writing invloved for shure.
But I also want to branch out so I am leaning towards making a sort of art-journal.
But we'll see.
I have pulled an sketchbook (A4) from my stash and intend to use this for the whole thing.
But for the moment I still have nothing to show you guys.
What are you doing with your one little word? Leave a link in the comments so you can inspire others.

I will post here regularly about this project. If you can't wait for that; follow me on instagram and be the first to know!

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