vrijdag 3 januari 2014

My 2014 projects

A new year, time for some new projects.
I always see lots of interesting projects on several blogs, Instagram and Pintrest. But there is only so many I can realisticly take on.
In the spirit of not taking on too many major projects (one of my intentions for this year)  I made a small selection of projects that I want to focus on this year.
All of the other projects I come across will be put on the "maybe/someday" list. That's where I keep track of all the things I want to do someday.

The Projects for this year are:

* The mood-blanket 
I am jumping on the "mood blanket" bandwagon. I will crochet a granny square every week in a color that reflects my mood. I stmbled upon this project on Instagram. It's a mind-child from mummy_stacey.
I went to the wool-shop yesterday and selected some awesome colors. More details on that in an upcoming post. I also made my first square yesterday. Along with crocheting I also keep a small journal about wich colors I choose for wich week. And why I chose that color.
There's also the option to make (by crocheting, knitting or what ever method you prefer) a daily square instead of a weekly square. But with all of the other things I have going on (work, the house, a social life, Abby and the ratties) and my fybromyalgia I opted for the weekly square.

* Draw everyday
I really want to pick up drawing again. I'm folowing Lou Niestadt's advice and intend to make a small drawing everyday. I would like to ge inspired by the things around me but will also use the doodle-a-day prompts from ellolovey of Instagram.
I bought a small planner for this project. It's just a cheap one with poor quality paper. I hope that will cure me of the 'blank-page-fear" and the need for me to make perfect doodles.

* The Currently challenge
The Currently challenge is a mind-child from Kristin from rukristin.com. It is all about taking a moment, no more than 5 minutes, and record what is going on in your life right now. I have been doing this for a few months in 2013. I love how easy she makes it with those very cute little printable cards. I really only takes 5 minytes to fill out all the questions. At the moment I paste them into my journal (the december ones went into my December Daily album). For 2014 I'm thinking of making them into a mini-album ...

*One Little Word
A project by Ali Edwards. It's about chosing your Word for the coming year and seeing how it fits into your life. I've seen some of my favorite bloggers take part in this and loved how they worked with their word.
This is the project I have been debating about wether or not to do for the longest time. Partly because I had no intention of siging up for the actual class. And without the structure of a class or assignments to hold on to the idea of what to do with my word was a bit vague.
But this one word kept calling me. So I intend to make an art-journal about my word. Not exactly shureabout the actual content but I will just let it develope itself.
The word I chose, or rather the word that chose me, is : Balance.
It is a thing I struggle with everyday. So it will be interesting to see how this project unfolds in the course of 2014.

So these are my main projects for 2014. It's a little bit of everything that I love to do.
What are your major projects for 2014?

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