donderdag 6 februari 2014

My top secret project revealed: ETSY!

A drumroll please!!

I have opened my very own Etsy store!

I have wanted to open up my very own lttle store for ages now. 

But opening a real-life store is never going to happen. 
Finances, time-wise.. Physical problems.. 
There are a thousand reasons why opening up an actual real-life store is not gonna happen..

But then it hit me.. why not an Etsy store? !
I love making little simple things. 
But how many , let's say, handwarmers does one need? 
So I opened up my very own little boutique.

You will find all sorts of little things.

Things I've crocheted, stationary, little trinkets like the collection of charms I've just put on there.
The collection at the moment is a bit limited but keep an eye on it. 
I will add new items regularly.

Now, no more talk, hop over there and have a look!
maybe even put in an order?? 

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