woensdag 5 februari 2014

Moodblanket update

It is the 6th week of this project and so far I am doing an excellent job of keeping on track.
I usually do my square on thursday evening. I have the house to myself and snuggle myself with a drink on the couch. A perfect time to crochet my weekly square.
 At the moment it still looks nothing like a blanket. I "just" have a row of 5 granny squares.
In the small journal I keep track of the color I choose for that specific week and write a bit on why I choose that color.
Choosing a color is not always easy. As the colors are linked to a specific mood, and I have more than one mood a week, I try to choose the most prominent feeling of the week. 

As you can see, I've had 2 "turquoise" aka happy weeks. And have not used my dark blue (sad)  or bright green (stressed). But it's only February so who know what is yet to come.

I'm glad I went with one square a week and not a daily one. Eventhough it means I don't have anything that resembles a blanket yet. But it does allow me to keep on track and up to date. And leaves me time to do all of my other to-do's.

Doing a daily square would mean I would already be behind and once I get behind I often abandon a project alltogether. But I do get a bit jealous when I see all the daily-square-blankets in the Facebook-Group.. All the different corlor-scheme's, different patterns. Amazing!
But I'm sticking to the plan. Eventhough it will mean I have more of a mood-scarf  instead of a blanket for a while..

About the yarn: I chose Drops Paris mainly because I fell in love with the colors. I had never worked with it before.
It is quite thick and does take a moment to get used to handeling. Also, one square seems to need quite a bit of yarn so for a whole year it might have not been the most economical choice. It would probably also be cheaper to order it from internet but I rather support a local independent store. And I love brouwsing that shop. All those yarns in a rainbow of colors. It just makes my soul happy.

Also helping me keep on track is the fact that I have all my supplies all togehter in a smal basket. The yarn, my notebook; for notes and the mood-colorchart, the crochethook for this project and a decent pen.
That way I don't spend any time looking for things. It means I can finish a square in about 20 minutes. Wich measn that not having enough time isn't an excuse not to make a square.
And not having any excuse is just what I need.

And how about you? Are you joining us in making a mood-blanket? Or are you documenting your year in a different way? How is that going?

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