woensdag 19 februari 2014

Around here

Whats up around here?

 First up; the ratty-misters. They have been getting so big! In this bad quality picture ( excuse me but ratties are inmpossible to photograph) you can see Lightning (left) and Thunder (right) snacking on some dried seaweed. The other two (Rain and Drops) are probably somewhere on the lower level bouncing around. Only a few weeks ago they were tiny little babies and now they have grown into full size misters. These 4 are my first gentlemen. Before this I always had girls. And there are most cenrtain some big differences. Aside form the fact that they are eating me poor (4 rats eat so much more than 2 obviously) these little misters are much more cuddly. And more willing to sit with you and just be snuggled.
But, they can also bounce aroung the cage like mini-kangaroos. And they bounce through the cage at the speed of light.
I love just sitting with them and watch them play.

There has been lots of this lately. Snuggled on the couch with Abby. I've finally found some time to browse around on Netflix and find things I want to see. Most afternoons I combine snuggling with Abby with Netflix and crocheting..
My Fibromyalgia has really been acting up with the cold and damp weather and everything I do seems to cost me a 1000 times more effort. So I am all doped up on painkillers, still trying to to everything I want to do. Thankfully Nico has been helping out a lot around the house. He does the dishes and other houshold things that are painfull for me to do. I still have lots of trouble dealing with the fact that I just can't do some things. So somedays I still overdo it and I have to "pay" for that...

I am not a coffee-drinker. Although I love somesthing like an Macchiato occasionally, the rest of the time I drink tea. If I have to drink coffee I have it with lots of milk and sugar.
So our coffeemaker lives in the shed, only to be seen at parties and christmas. But a few weeks a year, when Nico is at home all day, there is coffee being made at home. He however doens't like  making a whole pot for 1 person......
After a long debate ( maily about where to put it) we bought a Nespresso machine.  They were on sale and you would get a voucher for 90,- (euro's) of coffee with it so this was the moment. (we bought almost every flavor)
I've made a small coffee-bar on the dresser; THE machine, little spoons, some glasses and sugar. So that way you have everything on hand to make your perfect cup of coffee. I love the fact there is a milkthing with it! So I have been drinking some coffe regularly lately. Most of the time still with lots of foam and milk, but I have also found some variaties I can drink without milk and even a few I like without sugar! 

 The whole Etsy thing. What can I say? I love making little bits and pieces. I love having my own little store. But I am a bit sad that nothing has sold yet....  (I am not a very patient person.. can you tell? )
 Last week I updated the store with a series of notebooks. Some bound with a plastic ring, some upcycled faux moleskines. The smaller ringbound notebook would be perfect for a round of 30 days of lists.
As they have exactly 30 pages. And consist of 200 gr. paper so you could paste to your hearts content.

I am taking my Etsy store into the real world and am planning to have a stall at several fairs this spring and summer. First one will be in Purmerend on the 23rd of March. But I will keep you updated on that.

 Meet my new to me friend: a canary yellow vintage typewriter. I'm just over the moon about it. I have wanted one for ages and kept an eye on the internet. But they all were just to expensive, far away or just not right. Until this one popped up. Just 20 kilometers from here and price-wise it was a steal!
So I picked it up right away. It belonged to an elderly lady who had probably bought it brand new.
She was really surprised that young people are still interested in these kinds of things.
So far I've only used it for one letter. Well, half a letter. Halfway through I ran out of typeribbon. I thought I would have to order new but my mom showed me how to rewind the ribbon. That way you can use it multiple times. Yay for mothers!

So that's life around here..
Hope you are having a great time!

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