maandag 1 september 2014

Project Life Summer Mini

One thing I really want to do is do a full year of Project Life.
But at the moment .. that's not going to happen.
I know myself well enough to say that I get bored easily and will get behind.. even further behind..... and then give it up all together. Thus leaving me with another half finished project thats nagging me.

But all of the project life stuff on Instagram is so pretty.. And everyone makes it sound so easy.
And the cute journaling cards!
I couldn't resist!

But I'm only doing it to document my summer. As a kind of test-run.
And to have an excuse to get those cute supplies obviously ;-)

I wanted to keep it small so instead of an "regular" 12 x 12 inch album I opted for a smaller Sn@p 6x8 inch album. I added some 3x4 inch sheet protectors and a pack of 4x6 inch and 3x4 inch mixed sheet protectors. All from Sn@p.
I couldn't justify the cost of a full Project Life Core kit so I opted for a mini kit, The "Cut & Paste" edition to be precise. All of te other papers, embellishments and random bits and pieces are from my stash.

Another issue was how was I going to print the photo's? I started printing them out myself on our "big"Canon printer but that was such a frustrating proces. The paper wouldn't load properly, the printing programm cropped photo's on it's own... and all of the cutting!! I did some investigating into a small Canon Selphy but quickly discovered that it would be an expensive option. So I've had the latest batch printend at HEMA.
I can just upload all the photo's on their website ( I can even upload the photo's directly from my Instagram feed)  and pick them up 2 days later at their store near me.
I'm really happy with this solution.

Today I'm sharing the pages I've made so far. I'm proud to say that I'm all up to date!
Note: please excuse the glare of some lay-out's. I haven't quite figured out how best to photograph them.. if you have any tips on that.. please let me know.

Having coffee with my mother-in-law and nephew

Reciving my Tea party collective swap, having dinner outside and my nephew's 5th birthday

My summer intentions, A trip to Zaandam with my mother-in-law and the rats in the garden

Having my tattoo touched up and my weekly meal-planning

A lazy sunday, Monday planning, my Birthday and working on my moodblanket in the garden

The originals market in Leiden with my stall, zuchinni-soup and my brave dye-job..

en-route to work, our birthday party, nap time for Abby and waiting for our car to get a new windshield..

Butterflies in the garden, our swimming-pool, Thursday3 and a visit from friends..

more crocheting in the garden, taking our new car radio for a drive to test it , my monthly maitainance Shiatsu session and another thursday 3

Taking the rats to their vacation-home. And a blank divider I till need to decorate.. This marks where our trip to Germany started..

My travel journal, Nico and an Ibiza Shake.. 

 A day at the Bodensee ** I love the "best day ever"card! And a brochure from the shipping compagnie.

 I attached our tickets with a paperclip and the views from our panorama boat tour @ Lindau

Abby taking a nap on the boat because she refuses to sleep at night and my thurday 3 

Visiting Ravensburg with Abby drinking form a fountain, quite a thing for a little doggie who is afraid of running water.. and a parking ticket stub

My mom and her boyfriend at their house in Germany.. a fixer-upper.. big time..

a view of the fixer-upper house and Nico at work. Back home we went to the fair and Nico won me a unicorn. And a thursday 3 from Amsterdam.
The start of August in my Bullet Journal and fireworks at the fair with my lovely nephew.

Nico and my Nephew playing with lego's , a lazy sunday and pizza for dinner because nobody wanted to cook..

The crappy weather we've been having; hail on saturday and better weather on sunday with dragonboat races here in Hoorn.

I'm really happy with most of the lay-out's so far.
And is really is as easy as everyone keeps saying. With our campingtrip and everything a was a bit behind ( 3 weeks I think) but I managed to get all up to date in one sitting of about 1,5 hours. So that's awesome!

I do however need to remember to snap more pictures.
I will keep this album going until the 23rd of september. That's the official start of the fall.
I really think I can finish this!

For more info on the whole Project life thing you can go HERE.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Leuk gedaan. Hier zit toch echt veel werk in, zo te zien. Het doet me denken aan de plakboeken van mij vroeger, waarin ik ook alles plakte tot bonnetjes van restaurants toe. Heel leuk om te doen en mooi naslagwerk om te zien wat je toen bezig hield. Dat is eigenlijk het nadeel van digitale fotografie: het meeste blijft gewoon op de schijf staan, bladeren, ├ęcht bladeren, is er niet meer bij. En de tijd om zoiets te maken...woeschhhh, weg. Een dag heeft toch maar 24 uur, dat nog steeds....
    Liefs, Peetje

  2. Helaas heeft een dag inderdaad maar 24 uur.. wat zou het handig zijn om meer uur te hebben.. Maar aan de andere kan.. hoeveel van wat we denken te willen/moeten doen is daadwerkelijk echt belangrijk?
    Qua werk valt dit systeem echt super mee. Ik heb over de laatste 16 pagina's echt maar 1,5 uur gedaan. Omdat de kaartjes maar beperkte ruimte hebben hoef je ook niet veel te schrijven.
    Het meeste werk zit eigenlijk in het uitzoeken van de foto's, uploaden op de site van de hema en het bijsnijden van de foto's. En dan blijft er nog zat tijd over om avonturen te beleven =)