dinsdag 26 augustus 2014

#30 days of lists bloghop

I signed up for the spetember 2014 edition of #30 days of lists yesterday. A bit spur of the moment...
I also took part in the last one earlier this year ( you can see my lists HERE)

I haven't even started to put my album together for this year and still have no clue as to how I'm going to list this time. But im visiting a big scrapbook-fair this saturday so no doubt I will find some inspiration there..

But today it's time for a bloghop!
To get the list-juices going I did a list with one of the prompts from the march 2011 edition.
As Im still in vacation-mode I made a list with prompt no. 18 and listed my Road-trip must-haves.

This already was so much fun! 
Can't wait for September to start!

You can see what some other listers are listing about when you hop over HERE!

16 opmerkingen:

  1. Love that you used a map as your photo background! Cute list!

  2. love your list and your layout - with the map background. :) comfy shoes are always important!

    1. The map background is an old roadmap book I bought at goodwill recently.
      It will be made into bunting for my Etsy store..
      Comfy shoes are a must have!

  3. Telt een klus-lijstje ook? Ben alleen bang dat ie steeds langer wordt....
    Liefs, Peetje

    1. Ja hoor.. een lijstje is een lijstje ;-)
      En zo lang je ook dingen van je lijstje af streept wordt hij niet zozeer langer.. de items erop veranderen gewoon

  4. Good music and sandwiches make a road trip lol. I love the use of the map book in the background :) I had an old road atlas that I chopped up and made into envelopes for penpal letters. I had to draw each by hand, I think if I do it again I'd invest in a template.

    1. Music is always tricky on our road-trips, I like listening to the radio , pop songs, a bit of R&B and some Jazz, while Nico loves hardcore, hardstyle and metal.. So we takes turns choosing the CD. And only have CD's in the car that we know the other one can "live with".

      And about the sandwiches.. being hungry makes me cranky... XD

  5. Reacties
    1. Thank you! Maybe it's due to being an ex-teacher? ;-)