dinsdag 16 december 2014

December is...

well to be honest; december is kicking my butt!

I am suffering from fully developed december-panic.
My inner Miss Perfect is nagging at me about all sorts of things I should be doing. Or finish before the 31st.

December is always a very busy month for us. We have several birthdays, had a weekend at my mother in Rotterdam checking out my brothers new appartment, celebrating "Sinterklaas" and had a lovely company-dinner.
Still to come are our traditional "Gourmet-extravaganza" with both of our families on the first christmas day (wich means 11 people around the table)  and "Left-over Madness" on the day after that.
And then there is new years eve.... Still not quite shure how that will be..

Now don't get me wrong; I love every one of our parties  and get-togethers. I like having everyone over and seeing them enjoy themselves. Talk with people I haven't seen in a while and make shure they have a lovely time.

But Miss Perfect is freaking me out with every thing she thinks needs to be done.
And not just done but done to perfection. Instagram-perfection is what she demands...
So I'm buried in shopping-trips, endless grocerylists, christmas decorations are everywhere and my "projects I want to finish berore 2015"- list is getting longer every day.. ...
Also all sorts of plans for 2015 are starting to pop into my brain.. Things I want to do, sights I want to see and projects I want to do..

After a major Fybromyalgia flare-up this sunday evening ( fyrbo is stress-enhanced) I'm changing things up.
Putting into practise all of the things I've learned during these past few weeks in my psychosomatic physical therapy ( there is a special blogpost on that coming..) I'm changing things around here. And will try to make Miss Perfect shut up.
Starting with a major brain-dump in my bulletjournal.
To get all of those plans, need-to's and want-to's out of my brain.
 That way I don't have them floating around in my head constantly popping up. They are right there, parked on a piece of paper. I can't forget them but don't need to think about them constantly.

Next I decided to do most of my pre-christmas grocery shopping online. That means all I have to do is pick it up. Because the pre-christmas grocery store madness really messes me up.. So that's one less thing on my mind.

So my mantra for the rest of the month is : "Keep it simple"
* oh... and "don't freak out"

Ho are you all dealing with this december-thing?

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  1. Geen stress. Wij zijn lekker onder ons. Van familie aan beide zijden hoor en zie ik niks tijdens deze dagen (tja, als je jaren de kar hebt getrokken en je doet dat eens niet meer, leer je de echte familiebanden kennen...). Maar ik maak me er niet meer druk om, het zij zo. Fijne kerstdagen, geniet ervan en maak het jezelf niet moeilijk, want anderen doen het ook niet voor je...
    Liefs, Peetje