donderdag 26 juni 2014

Tea Party Collective Swap

I was foulding laundry yesterday when the doorbell rang.. It was the mailman. I haven't ordered anything lately and was not expecting a package. It was a A5 sized brown enevelope. With some very exotic stamps and a very neat handwriting.. and instantly I knew: it was my Tea Party Collective swap -package!! After almost 4 weeks it arrived!

In my quest to have more happy mail in my mailbox I applied for this swap when I saw an announcement while scrolling through Instagram. You can find more information  "here". It's basicly a one time only swap with Swetha; she came up with this wonderfull idea.
I made a small package for her back in March I think. it was so much fun putting together a small package filled with bits and pieces. If you want to see what I put together you can go "HERE"

After I was done with all of the laundry I sat down and oppened this lovely package.
Here is what I found:

Inside the brown envelope was this white transparent one. I could see a glimpse of the goodies and spotted some sparkly heart-shapes glitter... 

There was this ingenious little crafted box with a small booklet inside.. 

it contained some good vibes she was sending my way =)
and my name in Arabic!

Also in there: some lovely tea ( qurious to see the Yogi packaging is much cuter abroad), sweets and a cute little Singapore Doll-keychain.. 


There was a small collection of stickers; the owl is certainly my favorite. Also a collection of different bits of paper and vintage pictures. She also made a lovely bracelet with different types of knots. In just the right colors. And a small bundle of soft pink yarn. For which I already have some ideas what to make of it... 

There was also a small note in her very neat and lovely handwriting. I wish I had such neat handwriting! 
And a sample of her favorite shampoo and hairconditioner. I will enjoy trying that!

I had a lovely time unpacking this package and discovering all of the little treasures Swetha had put in there.
I am not quite shure yet what to do with it all. Part of me wants to just keep it all together in the envelope like a little treasure. But it deserves to be used. So I will do that.

So you see, the mailman can bring nice things. Not just bills ;-)

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  1. I loved your post!! It is so kind of you to talk about my project as well, thank you so much!! :-)

    I am so happy that you can use the yarn, I would love to see what you create with it! I had much of the same thoughts when I went through your package, haha. The paper goods that you sent me are still untouched, and I've put them in a special box to admire until I come up with the perfect project to use them in!

    Thank you for your sweet words about my handwriting too, that really means a lot. I absolutely love yours, and wish my cursive was as neat and pretty, instead of looking like I had a mild stroke in the middle! :-D It was truly delightful to exchange parcels with you, and thank you again for all the beautiful things that you sent me!!

  2. Hiiii!
    I found your blog by coincidence and I loved it. Keep with the great work.
    By the way, I am a snail mailer and I've a blog as well. I'm updating my blog and I'm trying to spread the word because I don't have many foreign readers and I would love to. So, check it out: if you want to.
    Have a wonderful day *

  3. Hi Ana, thank you very much for sticking around here.
    Snail-mailing is such a beautiful thing!
    I will have a look-see on your blog!
    * Love