woensdag 23 april 2014

Around here

As I am writing this I am sitting in my garden.  I’ve taken all of my blogging and drawing supplies (I’m planning on some art journaling after this) from my “office” upstairs and set up shop in my garden.
We had our pation put in almost 2 weeks ago. This means I am finally able tuo use the garden table without having to first make room or only have a quarter of the table to use.
I’m hoping for a long beautifull summer so I can do this very often.

After my art journaling workshop with Lou Niestadt, also almost 2 weeks ago (same day as we had the patio done) I have been drawing more. Still not everyday; I just have so much I want to do. And never mind my seemingly endless to-do list. I’m hoping I can keep this up. But time will tell...
You can read all about that workshop HERE.

With this warmer and dryer weather my fibormyalgia is finally becoming less of an problem. Less pain means more energy. So I’m filling my  to-do list with projects that have been waiting around to be finished or start new projects that have been lurking in my brain for a while. This includes some crochet-projects ( I have been bitten by he crochet-bug), drawing and other small bits and pieces. Some will end up in my little shop, some are presents ( thus I can’t share anything about them here..) and some are just for myself.

The warm spring weather also means the garden is coming to life. Our Japanese cherry tree has blossomed beautifully. The delicate pink flowers are now making place for fresh green leaves. Other plants are also strating to bloom and produce new leaves. Our lawn is recovering from all of the doggy-play last fall and turning into a lush green mat.
Weeds are also growing furiously so I’m spending quite a bit of time pulling them out. I try to divide the garden into 30 minute blocks and do one section a day. Or more when I feel like it.
Abby is not a very great help. She loves just walking around and taking a little nibble of every plant that’s in her reach.

I’m also very busy making stuff for my little shop. This Saturday is “Kingsday”. Traditionally we celebrate the bitrhday of our current monarch. This usually includes huge fleamarkets. This year I’m setting up shop right here in Hoorn. Besides the things I already have I’m also debuting some new items. They will appear in the shop next week. ( if I have any left, let's keep our fingers crossed)

So that’s whats going on around here.
How are you doing?

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